Monday, July 26, 2021

1979 CFNR/NWP Brazos Bridge over Napa River near Napa, CA

(Bridge Hunter; no Historic Bridges; 3D Satellite)

CFNR = California Northern Railroad
NWP = Northwestern Pacific Railroad

"Built 1979; Rendered inoperable by copper thieves 2007; Reopened for traffic 2009." [BridgeHunter]

Street View

Why yet another lift bridge? Because I came across a rather interesting view of this bridge.
Lale Masalar posted
Timothy Boles: This is the Brazos bridge near Napa California on the NWP. This is the 2nd incident on that bridge. This was 2 GP9s that the engineer ran the red and went for a swim. This engineer became known as "the Commodore" this was in the early 80's if I remember correctly.
The first incident was in the 50s and someone took 3 brand new Baldwin AS616s and ran the red signal went swimming, with a 100 car train behind them. That engineer became known as "The Admiral".
BTW all the locomotives from both incidents returned to service I think

Gordon Asmundson commented on Bridge Hunter with four photos and the text: "1983 the Schellville turn goes for a swim." (Gordon also provided a URL, but it no longer works.)




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