Sunday, August 1, 2021

UP Stalled a freight train in a tunnel (#25) near Newhall, CA, and blocked commuters

North Portal: (Satellite
South Portal: (Satellite, under that pile of bridges)

safe_image for Union Pacific freight train stuck in Newhall tunnel; passenger trains blocked
"The train originally started experiencing trouble at about 2:40 p.m.[July 30, 2021], Metrolink spokesman Paul Gonzales told KTLA. He said when the train entered the tunnel, the engine died and exhaust began filling the tunnel. Crew members from the train were transported to a local hospital after inhaling fumes from the train as a precaution, the Fire Department reported. They have since been released. The tracks were closed between Newhall and Sylmar/San Fernando, Metrolink said in a tweet....As of 9 p.m., Gonzales said the train is still in the tunnel and crews are working to get it removed."

The south portal is below this road.
Street View

The tunnel is 1.3 miles long and was purchased by the Los Angeles County in 1991 for its commuter rail system. After the Northridge Earthquake on Jan 17, 1974, LA tried to get the Feds to fund repair work by claiming that the earthquake caused the damage. They made that claim more than once. FEMA kept ruling that most of the damage already existed and they would not pay for those repairs. [fema]

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