Tuesday, June 6, 2023

2002 Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge over Lake Paranoa at Brasilia, Brazil


It is also known as the Ponte JK (English: JK Bridge).

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Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge, Brazil

Looking towards Brasilia:
Street View, Mar 2022

Looking away from Brasilia:
Street View, Sep 2022

A ground level photo     It was completed in 2022 and each of the three arches is 240m (787') long. The clerance is 18m (60'). [Structurae]

The arches are 60m (200') high, and the total length of the bridge is 1200m (about 3/4 mile) long. It was designed by Brazilian architect Alexandre Chan in collaboration with structural engineer M├írio Vila Verde, and it won the contest for the design of this bridge. It is named after the president who was behind the construction of Brsilia in the late 1950s. [dezeen]

It is part of the Mounumental Axis, the main road through town; and it provides direct access to the city's airport. It is also known as the Third Bridge because it was built to alleviate the congestion that was developing on the other two bridges that are over a narrow part of the lake. [EngineeringExploration]


The arches are made with steel, and the deck was assembled from segments that were built onshore. This is the second source I've seen that uses the term "incremental launching" for the deck assembly.

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