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2006 Bhumibol Bridges over Chao Phraya River at Bangkok, Thailand

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Two cable-stayed bridges carry the 8.1mi (13 km) Bangkok Industrial Loop road across the same river at the neck of a peninsula created by a river meander. It cost $290m and opened in 2006. A related project was digging a cannal next to the road. [reduper]
And there is a big intersection between the two bridges.

I like how the details on the towers reflect the architectural traditions of the area.
"On October 21, 2009, King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand named the bridge “Bhumibol Bridge”."
The structure in the canal is flood gates.
The bridge was designed by Swedish engineer Paulle Gustafsons.
Bridge 1: "Bhumibol Bridge 1 is the North Bridge. This is a 2303 ft (702 m) long cable-stayed bridge with a longest span of 1070 ft (326 m), 7 lanes and 2 high pillars, and a tower height of 568 ft (173 m). Deck height is 164 ft (50 m)."
Bridge 2: "Bhumibol Bridge 2 is the south bridge with a total length of 1909 ft (582 m) and a longest span of 1306 ft (398 m). The structure is almost the same as Bhumibol Bridge 1, with 7 lanes and 2 high columns, the tower height is 538 ft (164 m), and the clearance height under the bridge is 164 ft (50 m)."

When there is no flood, the flood gates would be closed to force the river current to flow through the meander so that the water doesn't become stagnant. When there is a flood, the gates are opened to allow a higher flow in the river away from the downtown area.

8:29 drone video @ 6:42

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