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1934-1992 Ogden Avenue Viaduct over Goose Island


Since I've researched the Ogden Bridge over the CB&Q tracks in Cicero, it is only fair that I note this viaduct over Goose Island. I've seen several photos of the bridge in Cicero because of railfans. In contrast, this is the first glimpse I have seen of the viaduct over Goose Island.
Jim Shortz posted
This one I can’t place. I don’t know of an Edward Hines Lumberyard in the area.
Bob Lalich: This is Halsted and Division on the near NW Side.

Dennis DeBruler commented on Jim's post
This is the first photo that I remember seeing that gives a glimpse of the Ogden Avenue viaduct. I see Ogden used to go all the way to Lincoln Park.
1953 Chicago Loop Quad @ 24,000

As we see on the above topo map, Ogden also had drawbridges on both sides of the island.
Chicago River Bridges Book by Patrick T. McBriarty via Bridge Hunter, License: Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs (CC BY-ND)

One of a few photos of the viaduct by David Wilson in his Nov 1990 Album
19901117 13 Halsted St. @ Division St.

I found several photos taken from the viaduct rather than of the viaduct. See Forgotten Chicago for more information about the extension and removal of Ogden.

One source said you could not access the island from the viaduct. But this photo and the historical aerial photo below show that there was a ramp that went down to Hickory Avenue. I think the gasometer in the photo at the top of these notes is the one that is about a block south of Division Street between Crosby and Kingsbury Streets.
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP

A nice aerial view of the viaduct behind a lot of copyright issues.

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