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1920s Allanburg Bridge (#11) over Welland Canal at St. Catharines, ON and 2001 Allision

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Street View

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Welland Canal Bridge 11 - Allanburg Bridge (Allanburg, Ontario)
Historic Allanburg Bridge (Welland Canal Bridge 11) in Allanburg, Ontario, Canada. The Parker through truss vertical lift bridge carries Regional Road 20 (Hwy 20) over the Welland Canal. The bridge has a 200 ft main span with a 120 ft vertical clearance when opened. It was built during the 1920s as part of the 4th Welland Canal expansion project (1913-1932).

See the Glendale Bridge (#5) for some photos of details of this standard lift bridge design on the Welland Canal and Historic Bridges for a description of the design.

Tanya Ward commented on Janey's post
[The ship is the Viking Octantis]

Kathie Timpano posted
Here we have the stunning Viking Octantis making her return trip northbound thru the Welland Canal at Bridge 11. So happy I was able to see her in person this afternoon.

On Aug 11, 2001, at 2050, the bridge was lowered on the Windoc before it cleared the bridge. "The vessel's wheelhouse and funnel were destroyed. The vessel drifted downstream, caught fire, and grounded approximately 800 metres from the bridge. Although the vessel's cargo of wheat was not damaged, the vessel was declared a constructive total loss. The bridge sustained structural damage, and the Welland Canal was closed to vessel traffic for two days. There were no serious injuries or oil pollution." [Report]
1:40 video @ 0:06

1:40 video @ 1:23

Report, p23

Report, p23

After working two 12-hour shifts in two days, the operator had a day off. He took pain killers for back pain and drank 2-4 glasses of line at lunchtime. Later he agreed to work an overtime shift later in the day. The accident occurred at 2050. The crossing was closed to  marine traffic for two days and to vehicle traffic for three months. [BuffaloNews]

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