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Bernice Junction: Aban/PRR(Panhandle) vs. Aban/PRR(Bernice Cutoff)

(Satellite, Track Diagram)
Both routes are now abandoned. The reason for the cutoff was so that Panhandle passenger trains could avoid the original circuitous Chicago & Great Eastern route to the north side of Union Station by using the PRR's Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago route to the south side of Union Station. The PFW&C route was not only much more direct, it had far fewer junctions with other railroads. Since Conrail tore up the Panhandle route, there is no need for this stretch of the cutoff.
PRR Track Diagram

Porter Junction: Aban/EJ&E Porter Branch with NS/NYC/LS&MS

Southwest of the junction it is easy to follow the RoW because it is now the Prairie Duneland Trail.
I ended with a "dotted line" because there were multiple tracks between Broadway and the NYC tracks. In the satellite image, it appears 3 of the 4 mainline tracks and one siding track is left.

Skip Burch posted
EJ&E road & rail blue print. Porter Indiana
Matt Lasayko This is my pictureSkip Burch Thank you for the picture Matt. I live in Porter, and I worked for the J. My great grandfather, and grandfather worked for the J, starting in 1904.Matt Lasayko Summer of 85 it was torn up.
It is not clear if there was ever a tower here or if  it was just hand-thrown switches into a NYC interchange yard. We are looking across the NYC tracks to the curved EJ&E track.

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EJ&E 2-8-2 Mikado-type #773 at Porter, Indiana on May 12, 1946.
Bob Lalich Wow! Any shot of the J at Porter is rare, let alone steam!
If you look at a Porter track diagram, you can see that the curved western spur tied into the west end of a NYC interchange yard. There was no need for the EJ&E and interchange with the Michigan Central because the MC's Joliet Cutoff paralleled the EJ&E all the way to Joliet.

Willow Creek Junction: Wabash vs. CSX/NYC/Michigan Central vs. CSX/B&O

(Track Diagram and photos)
NorthAmericanInterlockings:  (WC) photo photo photo photo
Chicago and Northern Indiana Railroad Interlocking Towers (click the marker for more information)

I added a blue line to show where the Wabash route was. Further to the east, the Wabash RoW is the Iron Horse Heritage Trail.
The model board:
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MoW: Side Dump Cars

Screenshot @ -0:40
Mark Gillins posted
Building up the river banks.
Sam L'Huillier worked rip rap job with Jordan spreader a lot
Frank Irvine Six Man Gang ? .... Doing the work of a Two Man Gang .... Gotta Love The Railroad .
Mark Gillins yea trainman there in green, mtm pulled this car so i could film it, couple men dumped the rest.
Joe Kveton It's ok when you are dumping only a few cars but when you have 30 cars or more it takes forever to build up the air.
Sam L'Huillier need more Air , always,30 dumps and a air operated Spreader ,, takes a while.

I wonder if a dump train can handle rock that is this big.

CP/ICE/Milw 1903 Bridge over Wisconsin River at Wisconsin Dells

(Bridge Hunter, no Historic Bridges, John MarvigSatelliteStreet View)
John calls it the Cary Rail Bridge.
ICE = Iowa, Chicago & Eastern

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The 2009 CP Holiday Train departs Wisconsin Dells with a nice reflection.
Robby Gragg posted
In December of 2010 a pair of IC&E SD40-2s lead CP 277 west through Wisconsin Dells. It was bone chilling cold but worth it to see this!
Clarissa Peterson, License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA)
[Evidently this lower deck used to carry a road. But the road has been removed and additional bracing has been added. The vertical columns in the middle are on just one side because one of the initial two tracks on the bridge has been removed. And diagonal bracing has been added at the two ends.]
The bridge still has its tie bars and pin connections. [Bridge Hunter]

UP+Metra/C&NW 1927 Bridge over Fox River in Fox River Grove

(Bridge Hunter, John MarvigSatellite)
Street View

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A UP SD40N leads Chemung empties west over the Fox River in Fox River Grove