Friday, June 30, 2017

Iron Furnace in Shawnee National Forest

(Satellite (41 photos))

Decades ago, I learned there were relics of old iron furnaces in New Jersey. About a decade ago I learned there were some in southeast Ohio. This past year I learned there we some in Kentucky. But today is the first I knew there was one in Illinois. This goes on the "todo" list to get some photos of the interpretive signs.

Jane Netzler posted
So much history in Shawnee National Forest.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

NS/Philadelphia & Reading 1924, 51-arch Bridge in Harrisburg, PA

(Bridge Hunter, Historic Bridges3D Satellite, Street View)

I found this bridge while looking for a satellite image of the Cumberland Valley Bridge.

Its 51 arches are three more than the Rockville Bridge. In the satellite image and in some of the photos I noticed pier ruins west of the bridge on the south side. I presume they are left over from a previous

HAER PA,22-HARBU,30--1 from LoC
OBLIQUE VIEW, LOOKING NE FROM WEST BANK OF SUSQUEHANNA RIVER. PIERS FROM SOUTH PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD AT LEFT, PHILADELPHIA & READING RAILROAD BRIDGE AT RIGHT. - Philadelphia & Reading Railroad, Susquehanna River Bridge, Spanning Susquehanna River, North of I-83 Bridge, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, PA
HAER PA,22-HARBU,30--2 from LoC
OBLIQUE VIEW, LOOKING SOUTH FROM EAST BANK OF SUSQUEHANNA RIVER. NOTE INSCRIPTIONS ON PIER AT TOP LEFT. - Philadelphia & Reading Railroad, Susquehanna River Bridge, Spanning Susquehanna River, North of I-83 Bridge, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, PA

Light Rail?/Aban/Cumberland Valley 1916, 43-Arch Bridge in Harrisburg, PA

(Bridge Hunter, Historic Bridges3D Satellite)

Seamond Roberts posted
It is a good thing that reinforced concrete structures are expensive to tear down and remove because this bridge is now being considered for a light rail service.

Adventures and Pondering has more information about the five bridges that crossed here (3 wood, 1 iron and the current concrete one) and Explore PA History describes the Cumberland Valley.

Light Rail/Conrail/Pennsy/Panhandle over Monongahela in Pittsgurgh

(Bridge Hunter, Historic Bridges, 3D SatelliteBirds-Eye View)

Another "two within a couple of hours of each other" postings.

AltoonaWorks added
A PRR passenger train crosses the Monongahela River at Pittsburgh on the Panhandle Bridge. This bridge is used by the Pittsburgh Light Rail today.
Ian Bowling commented on the above posting
Here’s an older picture of the Panhandle Bridge
Mark Hinsdale posted
"Distinctly Pittsburgh"
If Baltimore & Ohio's "Trailer Jets" between Chicago and Philadelphia were both on time in the late 70's and early 80's, they tended to meet each other in the Pittsburgh vicinity in early afternoon. Such is the case here, as the eastbound CPTT (Chicago-Philadelphia Trailer Train) roars east on the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie main line in Pittsburgh's West End. If you look closely, you can just make out the crewman on the rear platform of the caboose on westbound CHTT, the Chicago Trailer Train on the other main track. Conrail's impressive ex Pennsylvania Railroad Ohio River Connecting Bridge looms large in the background, with the broad Ohio River to the right. August, 1980 photo by Mark Hinsdale
[I think it is the Monongahela River on the right.]

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

1929 Ambassador Bridge over Detroit River at Detroit, MI

(Official Page, MDOTBridge Hunter, Historic Bridges, Satellite (broke, but it has 187 photos), Birds-Eye View)

The Detroit Public Library has a construction photo that shows a passenger train railyard in the foreground.

A Mike Russell Photo from Bridge Hunter, used under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.
Ambassador Reward Card
Ken Janeczko posted
Fearless - downbound past the Ambassador Bridge on Sunday afternoon.
[This is the posting that made me aware of this bridge.]
Once again, "being on the cutting edge of technology can make you bleed:"
The Changing of the Cables

The hissing of acetylene torches, the rasp of steel and the clatter of long lengths of cable being cut from the Ambassador Bridge to make room for stronger strands filled the air around the Bridge in the spring and early summer of 1929, just months before the Bridge would open. McClintic-Marshall had specified that the then-new heat-treated wire cables be used instead of the universally used cold drawn steel wire. The new heat-treated wire cables had been tested and found to have much higher tensile strength than the cold drawn steel wire used on the Brooklyn Bridge, for example, for 50 years.
These heat-treated wires had been woven strand by strand into the 37 component cables of each of the two massive main cables that would support the world's longest suspension bridge, and by mid-February of 1929, the suspenders, like steel harp strings, had been hung from the cables and work had begun to fasten the steel framework of the roadway to the weighted ends of these suspenders. Progress on the Detroit River span was a whole year ahead of schedule.
But the up mood on the Ambassador Bridge turned sharply downward when word reached Detroit on February 22 that a number of broken wires had been found in the cables of the even more nearly completed Mount Hope Bridge in Rhode Island. This bridge shared with the Ambassador Bridge the distinction of being the first to use heat-treated wire instead of cold drawn steel. It came to light that three broken strands had been found near the Bristol, Rhode Island anchorage of the Mount Hope Bridge as early as January of 1929. Subsequent inspection on the Detroit River project revealed a few under any other circumstances, not an alarming number of broken wires in the Ambassador Bridge's cables.
McClintic-Marshall, the same engineering firm that was building the Mount Hope Bridge, halted work on the Ambassador Bridge on March I and summoned a team of consultants from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to examine the situation and report. Based on that report, McClintic-Marshall - with full concurrence of Joseph Bower decided to absorb the half-million-dollar expense of removing the cables over the Detroit River and replacing them with time-tested cold-drawn steel wire. When the torches began hissing and the cutters began lopping the enormous cables into manageable lengths and lowering them to the ground, it was thought the entire year that work crews had gained on their three-year contract was hopelessly wiped out. But the old cables were replaced with new in time to hang the roadway and open the bridge on November 11 - nine months ahead of schedule. [History]
It sounds like they tested for tensile strength but not brittleness and/or fatigue failure.

"Michigan has had the distinction of having twice built the longest suspension bridge in the world. The Ambassador Bridge, constructed in 1929, was the first, and the Mackinac Bridge was the second." [Historic Bridges]

It appears the bridge has four lanes with NO shoulders, but it has a pedestrian/bike walk. However, Historic Bridges reports that the pedestrian walk has been closed since 9/11/2001. This would be another example of bureaucrats, feeling that they must do something, allow the terrorists to win by negatively impacting our way of life with ineffective restrictions. What is a pedestrian going to do? Cut the cables with a bolt cutter? If someone wanted to bomb the bridge, they would put the bomb in a van rather than hand carry it. Historic Bridges says that vehicles are not searched until after they have crossed the bridge. "In addition, has read reports of photographers in this park being harassed by Detroit International Bridge Company security guards (who patrol the lands bought up by the Detroit International Bridge Company around the bridge) even if the photographer is on public property, such as in the riverside park, and thus not in violation of any law." [Historic Bridges] This is another example that the person in charge of security is "overzealous."

The company that owns the Ambassador Bridge is proposing a new 6-lane-with-safety-shoulders, cable-stayed bridge to be built next to the current bridge. In the meantime, the governments are planning a much more appropriate cable stay bridge further downstream to directly connect I-94/I-75 with KH-401. This would keep heavy traffic off the city streets in Windsor. The bridge company's argument that a downtown bridge would bring more business to the downtown is totally bogus. When I have to drive through a big city, I try to plan to do it off hours and the last thing I'm going to do is stop in the big city. The "more business for downtown" argument indicates to me that they are grasping at straws as to why their bridge should be built rather than a beltway bridge. But the family that owns the bridge wants their golden goose to lay even bigger eggs. [The "related content" articles in MichiganRadio]

"The Project will retain the existing historic bridge for overflow traffic, use by bridge maintenance vehicles and special events.  " [SecondSpan]

Old Hickory Lock, Dam and Powerhouse on the Cumberland River

Old Hickory Lock was opened to navigation traffic in June 1954.  The lock chamber is 397 feet long and 84 feet wide.  During normal lake levels, the lock will lift a boat 60 feet from the river below the dam to the lake above the dam.  The lock releases over 15 million gallons of water each time is emptied. [USACE]
USACE photo by Leee Roberts from WorkBoat
The choice of the above photo by WorkBoat was interesting because the article was about shipping Illinois Basic coal for export from Princeton, IN by Norfolk Southern through their Lamberts Point terminal in Norfolk, VA. The alternative export option is by barge down the Ohio and Mississippi for midstream transfer at New Orleans. I don't see how this lock would ever see export coal from any Illinois Basin producer. Maybe there just are not that many pictures of coal barges in a lock.

In the Summer of 2015, they dewatered the lock for a month to do standard 5-year maintenance work. This consists of  welding cracks and replacing worn parts. They also "had ERDC (Engineer Research and Development Center) come in and apply a carbon fiber reinforced polymer to the lower gates....The applications of CFRP at Old Hickory Lock will be evaluated to determine the effectiveness of this repair method and how it is impacted by exposure in a wet environment." [dvidshub]

USACE photo by Leon Roberts from dodlive

USACE photo by Leon Roberts from dodlive
From lead230:

This is the first time I have seen a lock without a grate over the gears and the other machinery bays. Also note that they store the bulkhead pieces in a "bay" beside the lock so they will be ready for the next 5-year maintenance cycle and for emergency repairs.

BNSF/GN/OTR 1910 Trout Creek Trestle

(Bridge Hunter, no Historic Bridges, Satellite)
There is also a Trout Creek Trestle in Canada. This was the bridge that Google Map's search found.

Steven J. Brown commented on a nice overview photo posted by John Biehn
Back at ya!
John Biehn I can see an outline of myself about half way between photographers and right side of your photo. A line of light behind me.Thanks for your shot.
[It is nice to see that another steam locomotive, SP 4449, is running again. John's photo shows that there were at least 15 passenger cars in the train.]

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Illinois Central Randolph Street Tower

Chicago and Northern Indiana Railroad Interlocking Towers

ih  16th St.(NYC/RI) Chicago photo photo photo diagram photo photo photo photo:
ih  16th St.(C&WI) Chicago photo
     21st St. Chicago photo
     40th St. Chicago photo photo
     45th St. Chicago photo photo photo photo photo
     47th St. Chicago photo photo
     55th St. Chicago photo photo
     67th St. Chicago photo photo photo
     74th St. Chicago photo
     75th St.(Forrest Hill) Chicago photo photo
     81st St. Chicago photo photo
     91st St. Chicago photo
     A2(Western AV) photo photo diagram
     A20 Techny photo photo
     A5  Chicago photo photo photo
     A&S Madison photo
     AD Fulton photo
     Alhambra photo photo photo
     Altamont photo
     Argo photo photo
     Ashkum photo photo
     Ashley photo
     Ash St Chicago photo photo photo photo
     Aurora photo
     Avenue Springfield photo photo
     B12 Franklin Park photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo
                                 photo photo photo photo
     B17 Bensenville photo diagram
     B35 Elgin photo
     Barrington photo photo photo photo
     Bellwood(CGW) photo photo
     Blue Island(RI) photo photo photo photo photo photo
     Blue Island(GTW)(Broadway) photo photo photo diagram
     BN Bloomington photo photo photo
ih  Brighton Park Chicago photo
     Burnham photo
     BX Athens photo
     Canal(CJ)(Canal Jct.) Evanston photo photo photo photo photo photo
     Calumet Park photo photo diagram
     Carmi photo photo photo photo
     Casey photo
     Centralia photo
     Central Station Chicago photo
     Champaign photo photo photo
     Charleston)CO) photo photo
     Cheneyville photo photo
     Chicago Ridge(WA) photo photo photo
     CG Congress Park photo
     Clinton St photo photo
     Corwith Chicago photo photo photo photo photo
     Cory Danville photo
     CR Chicago photo
     Cragin Jct. Fulton photo
     CY Chicago old photo photo photo photo
     CY Chicago new photo photo diagram
     Dean Bloomington photo photo
     DeKalb Jct. photo
     Delmar(DA) photo
     Deval photo photo photo
     Dolton photo photo photo photo photo diagram
     Downers Grove photo photo
     Eads St. Louis photo
     East Cabin East Dubuque photo photo photo
     East Eola photo
     East Jct. Freeport photo
     East Yard photo
     Edgewood photo photo photo photo photo photo
       photo photo photo
     Effingham photo photo
     Elmhurst photo photo photo
     Englewood photo photo photo photo photo
     Essex photo
     Farmer City photo photo photo
     Ford Street Chicago photo
     Forrest photo
     FU Fulton photo
     FX Fulton photo
     GB Gibson photo
     Gibson City photo photo
     Gilman photo photo
     Great Western Jct. Forest Park new photo
     Great Western Jct. Forest Park old photo photo
ih  Gresham photo photo photo photo photo
     Harlem North Riverside photo photo
     Harrison St Chicago photo photo photo photo
     Hawthorn Chicago photo photo
     Hebron photo photo photo
     Hillsboro photo
     HM Elmhurst photo photo
     HN St Louis photo photo photo photo
     Hobbs Lyons Yard Danville photo photo photo
     Homewood photo
     Hoopeston photo
     HS photo profile
     Humrick photo photo photo
     HV Harvey photo photo photo photo
     Iles Springfield photo photo photo photo photo
     Iowa Jct. Peoria photo photo
     JA Jacksonville photo photo photo photo photo
     Jay Chicago Heights photo
     JB West Chicago photo photo photo photo photo photo photo
     JC Joilet photo photo photo
     JN Englewood photo photo
     JN Melrose Park photo photo photo
     JN Lincoln photo
     JO South Joliet photo photo
     Kedzie Chicago photo photo
     Kenney photo
     Kensington photo photo photo photo photo photo
     Kickapoo Jct. near Peoria photo
     KJ Kinmundy photo
     KO Skokie photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo
     KX Kankakee photo
     Lake Bluff photo
     Lake St(CN&W) photo photo photo photo
     Lake St(MILW) photo
     Lanark photo
     LaVergne Cicero photo
     Leighton photo
     Lenox(M) photo
     Litchfield photo
     Manhattan photo photo
     Mansfield photo
     Mazon photo photo photo photo
     Mayfair photo photo photo photo photo photo photo
     Mendota photo photo
     MC Joliet photo photo photo
     McCook photo
     Midland Paris photo
     MN Evanston photo           
     Mosser photo
     Mt Carmel photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo
     Mt Vernon photo 
     MZ Mazonia photo
     Neilson photo photo
     NH North Harvey photo
     Noble St Chicago photo
     Normal photo
     North Cario photo photo
     North Harvey photo
     NJ Nelson photo photo
     NX Chenoa photo photo
     NY Nelson photo photo photo
     Otto photo
     Pana(PA) photo photo photo photo photo photo
     Pekin(GM&O) photo
     Pekin(P&PU) photo photo
     Pence Momence photo photo
     Polk St Chicago photo photo photo photo
     Pullman Jct photo
     QX Sterling photo photo
     RA Reddick photo photo
     Ramsey photo photo photo photo
ih  Randolph ST. photo photo photo
     RH(Rose Hill) Chicago photo
     Ridgely Springfield photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo
     Riverdale photo
     Rondout photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo
     Root St Chicago photo photo photo photo
     Rose(RS) Chrisman photo
     RS(River Jct.) Chicago photo
     Savanna photo photo
     Seminary St photo photo
     SH Madison photo photo
     Shattuc photo photo
     Shops Springfield photo
     Smithboro photo photo
     Spaulding Elgin photo
     SS#112 South Deering photo
     Starnes Springfield photo photo photo photo
     SU South Upton photo
     SX St.Elmo photo
     Sycamore photo photo photo
     Thorton photo photo photo photo photo
     Tolono photo photo
     Tuscola photo photo photo photo
     UD Joliet photo photo
     UK Dwight photo
     Union Ave. Chicago photo photo
     Valley Jct. Northbrook photo photo photo
     Valley Jct. East St. Louis photo photo
     Vandalia photo photo
     Villa Grove photo
     Wabic Decatur photo photo photo
     Walnut St Peoria photo
     Walz Danville photo
     Wann St Louis photo
     Washington Heights Chicago photo photo photo photo
     Watseka photo
     Webster photo photo photo photo photo photo
     Wells St (B&OCT) Chicago photo
     Wells St (CNW) Chicago photo
     West Vienna photo
     Western Ave.(B&OCT) photo photo photo photo
     WI Wilmette photo
     Willows St Louis photo photo
     Winston Litchfield photo
     Wood River photo photo
     Wood St. Chicago photo
     WR Granite City photo diagram
     Wyton(WG) Danville photo