Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More Old Tractors

While looking for photos for the corn crib post, I came across a blog post for a tractor parade. It has an original and restored John Deere putt-putt and an assortment of Farmall tractors, including what I'm learning are rather ubiquitous M's and H's. Below are links to some of the other tractors in the blog.
John Deere putt-putt

One of the putt-putts is in original condition. (After you click the link to get to a picture, click the picture to get a higher resolution picture.)

A video of a 1938 unstyled John Deere G mud racing. This is one way to allow a crowd hear what a tractor sounds like when it is under load.
This was the latest model of my Grandfather's Fords that I drove as a kid.
AC and MF
AC D17

Farmall 200
I found an old Allis-Chalmers D19 and Farmall in the back lot of a John Deere dealer setting side-by-side.

20141013 0053

As I left Ashkum, IL, I spotted a Minneapolis-Moline tractor. I think this is the first one I've seen since I started writing this blog. So I turned around to take pictures of it. It was an M5.

And, according to the close-up on the right, this same property had a Bucyrus Erie tractor with a Detroit Diesel engine. They evidently made tractors for construction, but not farming.

Kent Helbel posted
Update: The collection of M&Ms in this elevator picture caught my eye so I zoomed in on them.

At Facebook resolution
Cory Zadorozniak posted
Patterson Grain elevator @ Lang SK.... Organic only facility.Dennis DeBruler Looks like a Case tractor.Cory Zadorozniak Yup.... A 930
Facebook resolution, a 930

I spotted a Minneapolis Moline M602 on what was my Grandfather's farm.

20150725 3660 

And in a tool shed of what was my Grandfather's brother's farm, I spotted a Case AGRI KING 1370.

Roger L Arnold posted 37 pictures of the equipment they used on their farm from the 1960s until 1999. They ran 280 acres and miled 32 head of Jersey and Holestein cows up until 1994. He sold the farm in 2013 and moved to the city, which he now considers to be a mistake.


  1. Great photos of Americana there! They take me back to a time where most people made their living in the soil and hard work was commonplace.
    The amount of sweat and the memories made on or near these machines is amazing. I'd like to visit a museum some day of nothing but old tractors. Great works of art and industry.

    Heidi Sutton @ Ag Source Magazine

    1. If you are ever in Florida, Paquette's Historical Farmall Museum has a lot of IH stuff to look at, including refrigerators, I took so many pictures that I haven't written a blog posting because I can't figure out how to organize it. There are lots of tractors, but there is also other stuff. The featured corn picker in is in that museum.