Wednesday, May 29, 2019

1909 Manhattan Bridge over the East River in NYC, NY

(Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges, rates 10 and 10; HAERNYCroads3D Satellite)

Arthur Overdijk posted
New York
It's not the Brooklyn Bridge, but it does look like it was the second bridge I checked: Manhattan Bridge.
Photo from HAER NY,31-NEYO,164--1 from ny0980

1. VIEW LOOKING TOWARDS MANHATTAN WITH BROOKLYN BRIDGE ON RIGHT - Manhattan Bridge, Spanning East River at Flatbush Avenue, between New York City & Brooklyn, New York County, NY

[It looks like the World Trade Towers are still standing on the left.]
This single span suspension bridge contains one of the longest suspension spans in the U.S., and had the largest carrying capacity in the country when it was built. It is unusual in that it was designed as a dual-level bridge; carrying street-cars on the upper level and subway tracks on the lower, with roadways in the center of each level. The approaches to the bridge were designed by Carrere and Hastings, and incorporated allegorical figures of Manhattan and Brooklyn by Daniel Chester French, which have since been removed to the Brooklyn Museum. [HAER]

1910 Postcard via Bridge Hunter

One of the important design considerations concerning suspension bridges is anchoring the suspension cables.
Photo taken by Geoff Hubbs in March 2019, License: Released into public domain

Original cross-section of the roadway on the Manhattan Bridge. (Figure by Paul Phillipe Cret and Rudolphe Modjeski.)
[The lower rails were for subways and the upper rails were for streetcars.]
The subway traffic hastened the deterioration of the bridge because the concentrated load of a train twisted the deck. Over a half-billion dollars was spent during the 1990s and 2000s to reconstruct the deck. It had already been reconfigured from four streetcar and four vehicle lanes to seven vehicle lanes. Each streetcar level carries two lanes and the center part now carries three reversible lanes. And, of course, the vehicles are no longer horse&buggies. [NYCroads]

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