Sunday, July 12, 2020

LTV/Republic Steel in Chicago

(see below for satellite)

Tony Margis posted
Larry Grzywinski The photo must have been taken some time during the winter. During the warm shipping season there would never be ore boats tire up in that location. They look like Cleveland Cliff boats.
Dennis DeBruler That grain elevator teaches me where this plant was along the Calumet River.,-87.../data=!3m1!1e3
Larry Grzywinski Dennis DeBruler it went from 109th on the north to almost 130th on

[I'm not sure exactly how far south their property went..]

1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP

Mark Larson commented on Tony's post
Great picture, here’s what I remember. I worked most of these places as a Motor Inspector.
Larry Grzywinski Mark Larson Mark you have them exactly correct!

Tony Margis posted
(I'm publishing Chicagoland steel mills in a raw format to capture the photos that I have come across and to define a link.)

Mark Simunic commented on Rod's post
Here's Republic's unloaders. Got a pic of them the last time I kayaked the Little Cal. I think there gone now.

Rod Sellers posted
East Side / South Chicago #5 trolley at approximately 116th and Ewing view WNW. Republic Steel blast furnace and coke plant in background.
Harold Hanley During the winter, we played hockey on the frozen ice out there in the swamps. And then walked home. Temperature? The colder, the better.
Chuck Craven And when the weather started to warm up, the ice would melt around the edges but still be a couple of feet thick in the middle. We would put boards down to walk onto the ice, and play hockey until we lost all the pucks, which happened every time.
[The gasometer on the left side of the photo would be for Wisconsin Steel. The "dimmer" one that is left of center would be for Interlake/Acme/By Products Coke Corp.]

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