Friday, May 16, 2014


I have been interested in railroads, bridges, dams, etc. since I can remember. When I moved to the western suburbs of Chicago in June, 1973, to work for Bell Labs, I drove around the area taking pictures of movable bridges, coaling towers, etc. And I tried to take a picture of every roundhouse I could find using USG topographic maps. But I could never figure out what to do with them.

When I started reading my daughter's blog,, I realized that this would be a perfect medium for those old pictures and for new ones. An advantage of a blog is that you can start writing with no idea how it is going to end. And, unlike a book, it also doesn't require a linear organization. You can choose to view articles according to location, railroad, canal/river, etc. But I decided to wait until after I retired to start it so that I did not have to worry about a time conflict with work because I knew that just surfing the web can be a significant time sink. I retired May 2, 2014.

My profile picture is from a trip to Neucahtel, Switzerland, to watch my daughter, Laura DeBruler, play professional volleyball. She has already documented our trip to a watermill ruins that is in that town.


  1. I have been reading a number of your entries and find them fascinating!

  2. Do you know anything about these railroad piers in the Kankakee River? They were built by a railroad that ran out of money.

    You might enjoy my unfinished railroads page at . My contact information is on that page.