Saturday, November 4, 2017

Thorton (Thornton) Junction: CSX/CN/GTW vs (UP/MoPac+CSX/L&N)/C&EI

(CRJSatellite, both routes are still double-tracked)
NorthAmericanInterlockings:  Fuller    Whipp 1977    Geletzke R. May 1989    Geletzke R. Jun 1989    Geletzke R. Feb 1988
Chicago and Northern Indiana Railroad Interlocking Towers (click the marker for more information)

Some references spell it "Thornton."

I learned of Thorton Junction on pp. 57-59 of Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad In Color by Edward M. DeRouin.

Kevin Piper posted
MP 3221 leads a UP coal train on the old C&EI at Thornton Junction in South Holland, IL, on 9-26-87. Thornton is the crossing of CN/GTW's Battle Creek main leading out of Chicago.

CSX plans to rebuild a connection in the southwest quadrant that will allow trains coming north on the joint line to head west on ex-GTW. Doing so allows easier access to Clearing Yard and CSX's Bedford Park intermodal terminal. It also provides an entrance to the west end of CSX's Barr Yard. [CRJ] (Judging from the Satellite image, if this has happened, it has been quite recent.)
Dan Tracy posted
Southbound L&N Family Lines SD40-2 rolls across the GTW at Thorton Jct IL in October of 82.
Bill LePinske posted
My first job at 17 years old senior in HS worked for the Grand Trunk Western RR I was the 3rd trick tower operator at Thornton Jct. This is where the GT and the C&EI MOPAC and L&N Crossed Just south of the Mopac's Yard Center Dolton, Illinois the tower was in South Holland Illinois.
Ken Schmidt posted
With train #392 in tow, GTW 5833 highballs Thornton Junction in August 1985.
(new window, this one of a few videos of this junction. At 8:15 there are crane parts. Unfortunately, they are in gondolas instead of flatcars so part of the parts are hidden.)

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