Saturday, November 18, 2017

Wells Street Bridge over St. Marys River in Fort Wayne, IN

(3D Satellite)
In the 1800s engineers celebrated what they could build by adding ornamentation to their structures. Kudos to Fort Wayne for building the replacement bridge on a new route so that they could preserve this example of the "engineering as art" era. I remember hearing that the original Lincoln Highway Route through Fort Wayne used this bridge. The St. Mary's Bridge was replaced by yet another slab of concrete.
Kenneth Childers posted
Wells Street Bridge at the St. Mary's in twilight [posted by Downtown Fort Wayne, facebook, 2015-05-25]
Eric Zerkle Wells st bridge. I remember going over it as a kid. I used to call it the "telephone bridge" as the round ornamentation reminded me of a telephone dial.
The Google guy who runs the street view car must have worked with the city to take down the pylons so that he could travel over the bridge. You can keep clicking the arrow and run right through those pylons. Or else they ran the car from both directions and did a nice job of stitching the images together.
Street View
Street View
Street View
Street View

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