Sunday, November 5, 2017

IC Weldon (18th) Yard

(Satellite, this is north of the historic yards)
Mark Llanuza posted
1972 18th yard Chicago IL
Louie Giometti Weldon Yard. I worked the second shift there stuffing pillows for the passenger train in the Material Department in the late 60’s
In this aerial photo, IC's Central Station is in the upper-left corner. So the yards here were used for long distance coach servicing. (In 1938, IC had lots of freight yards up north by the river and lake.) Central Station was closed around 1972 because Amtrak moved the remaining passenger trains that they continued to run to Union Station. So when Mark took his picture, it looks like the yard had been converted to commuter car storage. All of these yards, and the station, have been converted to real estate development. The current commuter car yard appears to be a little north of 18th Street.
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
Cliff Downey posted
Around 1960 a pair of IC passenger trains meet just south of Chicago's Central Station. The unknown photographer is standing in the cab of an E-unit of a southbound train, looking at a northbound passenger train that will soon arrive at Central Station.
To the left is IC's Weldon Coach Yard. Once an IC passenger train arrived at Central Station and all passengers had departed, the mail and express cars were uncoupled and moved to a small building next to Central Station for unloading. The rest of the train was pulled to Weldon yard, where an army of workers would go through each car, cleaning and do any necessary light repairs (heavy repairs and rebuilds were done at the Burnside Shops at 95th Street, on south side of Chicago).
Once cleaned and ready to go, trainsets were taken some 8-9 miles south to Fordham Yard. The trainset went around a balloon track and then was taken back to Central Station. This process ensured that cars were orientated properly when the train left Central Station.
Unfortunately the photographer's identity is unknown, along with the name/number of the trains.
John Fitts Especially like the express reefers to the right.
Edward Jarolin shared
[I believe Weldon yard is in the left background.]

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