Sunday, March 11, 2018

Purple People Bridge, Former L&N+US-27 over Ohio River at Cincinnati, OH

(Bridge Hunter, Historic Bridges, 3D Satellite)

The existing 1897 trusses replaced the original Whipple trusses built in 1872. Railroad service was discontinued in 1987 when CSX transferred its former-L&N traffic to its former-C&O Bridge. Road traffic was removed in 2001. It was rehabilitated and reopened to pedestrians in 2003.

Historic postcard submitted y Jonathan Maxwell to Bridge Hunter


Darrin Roark posted
1918 Cincinnati Ohio - An awesome image of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Bridge showing a steamboat on the river and a steam locomotive crossing this bridge during the ice gorge that took place that winter. If you look very closely at this image, people can be seen walking through all of that jagged ice. That is extremely dangerous because ice has the tendency to shift rapidly on a frozen river due to the strong currents underneath the ice. This bridge is now called the Purple People Bridge.

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Satolli Glassmeyer shared
The Purple People Bridge
(The Newport & Cincinnati Bridge)
Newport, Kentucky
We've all walked across this massive bridge connecting Cincinnati & Newport but did you know this was the first railroad bridge spanning the Ohio River in this area? Here's a video on the history of the bridge:

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