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Lost/Garvey/Continental Grain Elevator on the Calumet River

(Satellite, it was where those domes are now and there was a railyard on the west side of this land)

A 1973 historic aerial not only shows the silos, but it shows a rather large ship being loaded. The elevator was replaced by the domes we see today by 1988.

Rod Sellers posted
Currently working on a project to scan negatives of photos taken by Daily Calumet photographers in 1974. Can anyone identify the grain elevator in this photo and the location of the buildings in the foreground as well. Thanks.
Tim Fishel Photo probably taken from daily cals rooftop.
Bob Lalich The grain elevator was located at 93rd and the Calumet River. When built in the 50s and into the 60s, it was Continental Grain Co. When it exploded in 1977, it was Garvey.
Dennis DeBruler Looking at a 1973 aerial, I see a good sized ship being loaded. There is also a railroad yard west of the elevator. What was, and is, the railroad that went along that section of the west side of the Calumet River?
Bob Lalich The Rock Island and BRC had tracks that went along the west bank of the river from Rock Island Jct to a connection with the EJ&E at South Works. Both Rock Island and BRC served the elevator. The EJ&E used the tracks for transfer runs to the BRC at Commercial Ave.
Sandra Brink The building by the 92nd Street Bridge on the north side was Nalco Chemical Co. My brother Dick worked there in the mid 60's.
Tony Margis posted
Now this is one big ship!!! 1973
Walter Gedwill 1977 when the elevator exploded and it was destroyed
George Dosen We would empty a lot of the ships at Federal Marine and then they would go to Cargill or Garvey for outbound grain
Rod Sellers posted
View from the Skyway by Daily Calumet photographer, June 5 1974
Attempts to Google more info found other elevators, but not this one.

Rod Sellers commented on his 6/9/2019 post in Southeast Chicago Historical Society
Grain elevator fires were common. SECHS recently received some slides from a major fire at the Continental Grain elevator at 93rd and Harbor Avenue. The fire occurred on January 22, 1957. I attached a photo. I believe the elevator on 106th also caught fire but I haven't located info yet.

Rod Sellers commented on his 6/9/2019 post in Southeast Chicago Historical Society
Craig Holmberg There was also a grain elevator on the east side of the 106th Street bridge, at one time the Keystone elevator.
William Bork Rod Sellers That’s the one. In front of the Valley Mould plant.
Rod Sellers Grain elevator at 106th and Calumet River burned Jan 10, 1966.

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