Thursday, June 7, 2018

Some lakers are being towed to Turkey to be cut up for scrap

One of the photos posted by André Boudreault, cropped
After the Algosteel, it’s now the turn of the Algolake to be tow to Turkey. I’m on the Tug Diavlos Force from Quebec to Escoumins.
Andrew Moizer Thanks for sharing these. It looks like quite a short towline? These ships are being taken for scrapping? It's amazing that it's economically viable to take them all that way. You'd think it ought to be able to be done locally.André Boudreault Short towline because we are in close water. They will make it longer after Escoumins Pilot Station.Chris de Vries While I don't know for sure, the buyer can get more profit scrapping overseas than in Canada. No safety regulations over there.Julie Brunelle is there a crew on the towed ship or it is just a ginormous piece of metal?Alain M. Gindroz It's a dead ship tow. There is no crew onboard. None are allowed by the insurers as it's deemed a "high risk" tow. Many ships have succumbed to the seas on their way to the breakers.Gerry van Haarlem algosteel is 50yrs old and algolake is 41 yrs old was built in Collingwood.Paolo De Marchi ship will fetch $8 million minus cost to get ship there.

Mark Robinson Thats crazy for scrap. And to think rumour has the new china builds for CSL were around $35 million.André Boudreault The Captain on the tug said as one more to go this year the bet is on to find wich one is next.
Update: Another old laker being towed away to be scrapped. Unfortunately, it doesn't indicate which country is going to scrap this one. Note that this laker is really old because it has the old design of placing the pilothouse on the bow. Don BeVier posted several photos with the comment:
"Algoway on her final journey towed by Tugs Evans McKeil and Cheyenne , from Belle Isle , Detroit Mi. 6-7-18"










 Old lakers are being scrapped because four more that are more efficient have been built in China.

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