Friday, January 15, 2016

MWRD: Lockport Powerhouse

Martin J. Castro posted
Martin's comment:
The Lockport Powerhouse, downstream of the Controlling Works. Under construction in 1907 and as it looks today with obvious changes in machinery.
The east half of the powerhouse still has the original 1907 alternators as preserved museum pieces.
Martin J. Castro posted
The far two bays have had modern units installed. The other bays just use the pipes to help fine tune the flow of water through the canal. The foreground is the center of the powerhouse and generates the excitation current for the modern units. (Scroll down in that excitation current posting for several more interior shots of this powerhouse. It also explains why they switched from the old to new alternators.)
This is an overview of the powerhouse and locks. Google has several pictures of the complex. I found the one below on the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District site.

Note the black gates of the original small lock between the sluiceway and the new lock. When I first came to the area to work at Bell Labs in the 1970s, I visited the lock. But access is no longer allowed. Another item on the todo list is to find and scan those photos.

20140614 0269
This is a view from the west side. The metal structure covers the bays that are used by the upgraded turbines and alternators.
View from the east side.

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