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Central Manufacturing District

First, please read Chicago History. I have already described the predecessor of the Chicago Junction Railroad and its roundhouse and rail yard facilities. (Update: I have found what seems to be an advertisement for business to locate in the CMD. Since it is talking about delivering with teams and autos, I assume it was written in the first part of the 20th Century.)

1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
Kevin R Doerksen posted eleven pictures of some of the buildings in a public group, which motivated this posting.

The only industry I have seen detailed info on so far is White Stokes.

Edward Kwiatkowski posted
A vanishing icon from Chicago's once
bustling industrial past.
Definitely on borrowed time.
Many of the comments thought it was Brach's Candies:
Keith Bemis You can thank the sugar subsidies in the USA that kept sugar prices 2-3 times higher than in Canada and Mexico.
Jack Currie Tons of it never get used! Meanwhile they keep pushing High Fructose Corn Syrup into everything - GMO's corn, that is.
Keith Bemis Its an older interview but informative about the politics and Brachs
Then Ed commented it was "at the intersection of West 39th Street / Pershing Road and South Ashland Avenue, in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood. This view is facing north / northeast."

Birds-Eye View
So that means it is in the southwest corner of the CMD.
Dan Imal posted
Dan's comment:
Central Manufacturing District. 35th and S. Ashland. Named so for its location centered on Chicago's south and north borders. Next to the Stockyards, International Amphitheater, former home of Wrigley Gum, Pullman Coach, and countless businesses over the years. Located at the South Branch, rail yards and major travel routes it was a major hub.
I was in grammar school living a couple blocks away in the 80s when a massive fire took place one summer right before the Ashland overpass.
Rose Cacielles Isn't that building where Hoffa was filmed?
Dan Imal It appears so Rose. 

'The riot scenes were filmed in Chicago at the old Central Manufacturing District (then used as Spiegel Warehouses) at Pershing and Damen.'

1947 industrial realators
This map confirms that the CMD added additional plots of land to the west by Corwith Yard.

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