Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Launching Ships

The ship on a carriage that rides the ramps down into the water at -0:27 looks like the most reasonable launching. But most of the others are going into a slip that is way too narrow to allow this. I've seen videos of side-launches before, and you do not want to watch from the opposite shore! I took screenshots of a couple of the more extreme rotations. Someone asked if people are on board.
Berry Randall Yes, the launch captain and first mate are always aboard when a new ship is launched. At launch there is a tug boat or two Hooked to them to pull to main water. The captain and first mate and some times a hand or two are on board to make sure there are no major leaks in the hull. (Worked as a ship fitter for 6 months in the golf that's how I know)
Shannen Petri Yeah man, the way these vessels are tipping is what some of them face regularly in the deep blue. Wouldn't keep anyone off it! 
If seas really get that rough, then this is like Star Trek, why don't you see any seat belts on the bridge?

Screenshot from video, -1.33
Screenshot from video, -0.10
Seeing the still screenshots, I guess the rotation was "only" 45-degrees.

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