Thursday, July 21, 2016

Really Old Tractors

I went to the 2016 Will County Threshermen's Show today. It was worth the $5 admission even though none of the demonstrations were happening because there was no crowd because of an earlier rain. (And we were supposed to have a heat index around 100.) Part of the worth is that they had some really old tractors. No crowd was an asset because it makes it easier to get clear shots of the equipment.

I also got videos of the two Versatile tractors that were driven while I was there: 700 and 895.

3 Steam Engines

20160721 3607
Wood Bro's, Des Moines, IA and Port Huron Engine & Thresher Co.

Added the other Port Huron engine to the line up

The other (gear) side of a Port Huron
There were so many old tractors that even with a wide angle lens I had to take two pictures to get an overall view.

For each tractor, I tried to take 3/4 views of each side from the front and a square view of the back.

Avery 40-80, Peoria, IL

Hart-Parr Co. Charles City Iowa, USA

Pioneer Model 80-60, 1913; Winona, Minn, USA; Calgary, Alta, Canada

The Minneapolis Threshing Machine Co. Model 35-70, Hopkins, Minnesotoa U.S.A.

Rumely Oil Pull Model E, 1920

Aultman Taylor 30-60

Fairbanks-Morse 15-25

I noticed when I was in the front that I could not see any cylinders. So I took a closer look at the back. Sure enough, the cylinder is not only facing backwards, its head is right next to the driver's left knee! I always thought of John Deere's two cylinder tractors as strange, but this one cylinder tractor is even more strange.

Case 40-72

It looks like this tractor was used for plowing during a previous year: video. I counted seven bottoms on the plow.

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