Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Silos Coming Down

Recently, I've seen several postings of farmer silos coming down. Some are deliberate demolitions. Some look like "oh ohs." Some are a testimony as to how quickly some people can get their cell phone into video taking mode.

Screenshot from Video
Screenshot from Video
Screenshot from Video at 1:37
100 Year Old Silo Demolished
Joey Meece posted
You can follow the link to several more pictures.
Along with 9 other demolitions. Some of the failed demonstrations are a testamont of the strength of reinforced concrete.

Screenshot from video
Sunday afternoon with the old silo and guns and friends .
Screenshot from video
[Note that it falls down after the wrecking ball swung away from the silo!]
Another one being shot down.

I think shooting is safer than a sledge hammer because of the distance between you and the silo when it collapses.

[The is an alternative to tearing them down. A 100-foot silo (the tallest I have ever heard of) was moved and turned into an observation tower. They show that they are still harvesting silage. So has trench storage made silos obsolete?]
Tearing down a Harvestore for scrap medal because it is obsolete. They don't explain why it is obsolete. Is it because they now used bunkers to store the silage? Starting at this time, they cut the following big hole in the silo.

And then they wait until this time for it to break and fall over.

In this one, they dismantle a "blue silo" using a crane so they can use it on another farm.

By this time You Tube should be offering you plenty of other silo demolition videos in the side bar.

Screenshot at -0:18
I'm going to generalize this posting to include steel bins coming down. This is the second video I have seen of a steel bin popping bolts and then falling down. This case is really surprising because the bin appears to be empty! Was it a windy day? Reading the comments, there had been a windy day (storm). In that case, being full might have helped stabilize the bin.

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