Saturday, September 10, 2016

Tollestone Junction: CSX/NYC/MC vs. CF&E/PRR

CF&E = CFE = Chicago, Fort Wayne & Eastern

Matt Lasayko posted
Matt's comment:
Tollestone Google satellite of the new diamond. Not sure if it's installed yet but it's on the ground in this picture. MCRR (CSX) & PRR Chicago Fort Wayne Line (CF&E).
Great to see all the new roadbed, new trackage and the new crossings.
I don't know what Google Map they are using because when I access it, I still see the old configuration where CSX ripped up the track. Does their phone app use more up-to-date images than their web site?


Wayne Hudak posted
Here's another photo of the MC-PFtW&C station at Tolleston(e) Indiana in 1910. The location is roughly 9th & Garfield in what is today's Gary Indiana. The track from left to right is the short lived CLS&SB (South Shore) streetcar line, not often seen in photos.
Scene is looking west, PRR train is eastbound.
Photo CRA Collection
Update: on 3/29/2018 I see the same image that Matt saw. But the tracks look like one of those cartoons you see where the rail of one side lines up with the opposite rail of the other side! I guess they do not add ballast until after the diamond is in so they can "nudge" the rail back and forth during the installation.
I took another look at the satellite image because of this posting.
LeQuory Secession posted the question: "Can anyone give me info on the Pennsy(CFE) diamond around Tolleston being put back in? Trying to get a update. It was brought up during a discussion about CP intermodal on the CFE.
Bob Poortinga I doubt that it will ever be put back in. CSX has changed management, and NS and CN have decided on a different interchange scheme.
LeQuory Secession So were they going to reconnect by swift transportation and buffington-harbor rd? I see panels near buffington-harbor and a track switch.

I don't see much that is promising up by Buffington-Harbor. But I do notice that they have added a turnout and laid track on the former Wabash right-of-way all the way northwest to a connection win the CN/EJ&E overpass into Kirk Yard.
But no matter where they make connections further north, CSX would have to let them install the diamond at Tollestone. CSX is probably fighting it because it would drain traffic off of their former B&O route. And other railroads interchanging with CFE may even make them regret giving control of the old Pennsy route to CFE. But because it would allow competition with CSX, and because EH Hunter gutted CSX, the STB (Surface Transportation Board) should force CSX to allow the installation of the diamond.

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