Monday, September 12, 2016

Fordham Dam and UP/C&NW Bridge in Rockford, IL

(3D Satellite)
There are more pictures of the dam in the bridge posting.
Rockford Rewind posted
The Rockford dam:
Fordham was first constructed in the 1840s as the Rockford Water Power Co. - first used for hydroelectric in 1896 by Rockford Electric Company.
In the 1930s the Rockford Electric Co. became part of the Central Illinois Electric and Gas Company. ComEd acquired the company in 1966. The power plant was closed in 1971-demolished in '75
Lon E. Walker The photo was taken by Lance Wales, Feb. 6, 2011.
John Marvig has a photo of the bridge that includes part of the upstream side of the dam.

At first I thought the dam had some control gates, which is unusual for a simple rolling dam. Then I decided it is the foundation of the hydroelectric plant that was removed in the 1970s.
Brian Keith Landis posted
Fast moving water on the Rock River
[During the 2017 heavy rains.]

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