Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Erie's Chicago Freight House

William A. Shaffer posted
An Unidentified Wabash Passenger Train is shown in Chicago, passing the Erie Freight House. The Parlor/Observation Car appears to be "City of Wabash". (6.15.60)
(Photographer Unknown - Collection of William A. Shaffer)
[This was probably south of Dearborn Station, but it will take some research to find where it was. Both Erie and Wabash used the C&WI to get to Dearborn.]
Mark Llanuza posted
Its 1977 with outbound with C&NW cars going past the old Erie Frt house.
Note the water tower. So Bill's picture is the northeast side of the two-story office building part, and Mark's picture is along the southwest side of the one-story freight handling part.

Mark Llanuza posted three photos, the third of which is the one above, with the comment:
Its 1977 the Erie has been shut down for about a year but the old Frt house still stands near Clark st and 16th of the Rock Island .These three views i took show the Frt house just outside Dearborn station and the front side is where the Rock Island past it by at clarke st .Today all this land is condo's.
Mark again posted with the comment: "Its May 1977 with CNW leased cars to the Rock Island passing past the old Erie Frt house along Clark st."


Mark Llanuza posted
its 1977 with rush hour fleet heading out of Chicago passing the old Erie Frt house on Clark st.
Mark again posted the above photo with the comment: "Its May 1977 the Rock Island passing past the old Erie Frt house along Clark st and 14th st which closed down the year before.This was a big transfer between box cars and Lifeschultz trucking with the Erie."
Rick La Fever Liftschultz Trucking stuck around after the Erie Railroad went away but eventually succumbed to trucking deregulation and changes in shipper preferences.

Mark posted three of the photos he has already shared with the comment:
Erie freight house ,The growth of Intermodal and bulk traffic as well as the loss of LCL traffic changed the face of how Frt was interchanged and distributed .The era of freight transfer between boxcars and trucking such as Lifeschultz trucking Erie 14th st Freight station here in Chicago stands abandoned in my shot spring of 1977 scene done in by changes in the freight transport business as well as EL Merger into conrail .This was once a very busy place in the 60's and 70's .today this is full of Condo's and would never know what was here .My rock Island shot shows a cool side view of the once big freight house.

The office part of the Erie freight house is in the right background of a photo of the Rock Island piggyback yard.

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