Wednesday, December 6, 2017

UP+Amrak/SP Benicia-Martinez 1930 Bridge over Carquinez Strait (Suisun Bay)

(Bridge Hunter, Historic BridgesSatellite)

California Highways and Public Works Magazine, page 15
[The 1962 (rehabilitated 1991) road bridge itself is notable because it is a long continuous truss bridge.]
While trying to get a Street View, I learned the old road bridge carries just south bound traffic and the new one carries northbound traffic for I-680
Street View

The caption cost me some time because this bridge is not In San Rafael, CA! It is between its namesake towns in a different county.
"Originally built for the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1929-1930, this is the last simple truss railroad bridge built in the United States at a new location (i.e. where none had existed before)."
Posted October 23, 2013, by jayhawk
Maybe the writer meant pin connected - 1930 would be getting a bit late for a pin connected bridge.
[Bridge Hunter]
Some big boats must use this straight to have a lift span with an elevation of 82 feet. I could not find the elevation for the old road bridge and I count not find a web page fore the new road bridge.

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