Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Lost/ComEd State Line Generating Station

(Satellite, some historical photos are uploaded including the following)

Tim Branham

Rob Olewinski Cmraseye posted
inspired...I miss both of these things....State Line (IN) powerplant   1/31/2009

John DeWit Woodlock II posted
UP 8269 @ Colehour Yard-Hammond,IN 19 NOV 02.
I include the Falstaff Plant and Pennsy's Colehour Yard to provide context for photos that have State Line in the background.
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
Photo by John J. Watkins [NWI Dec 1, 2013]

Photo by John J. Watkins
"The new owner of the shuttered State Line Energy plant in Hammond says he is not planning another industrial use for the lakefront site, but picturing boats, homes and bike paths." [NWI Dec 4, 2013]
[Looking at a satellite image, it is still brown land. At least the Falstaff Plant across the tracks from it has some green.]

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[I discovered this is from]
Paul Petraitis shared
[From left to right: remnants of the B&OCT bridge, two NYC bridges, one Pennsy bridge, and the Skyway. State Line Generating plant is in the background.]
Global Earth Pro, 8/12/2007

Gail Alkovich posted

1997 Flickr of tugboats that has the powerhouse in the background

2014 Flickr of partially torn down

In the background of a 1995 Flickr railfan shot (source)

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