Tuesday, July 17, 2018

US-61 Bridges at Hastings, MN

(Bridge Hunter, Historic Bridges, John A. Weeks III, see below for satellite)

While I was researching the railroad bridge at Hastings, MN, I noticed another truss bridge has been replaced by a tied-steel arch bridge.

This graceful 1951 cantilever truss bridge no longer exists.
A four-lane tied-arch bridge was opened in June, 2013, to replace the two-lane truss bridge. In 2008 they found significant rust issues and sheared bolts. MnDOT, not wanting to make the national headlines again for letting a bridge fall into the river with traffic on it, decided they better find the $130m needed to replace it.

"The main span of the Hastings Bridge now boasts the longest [545', 94' high] free-standing tied-arch bridge in North America." [MnDOT-main-span] This web page includes a diagram of a cross section, but it is so small that it is unreadable! 

The 1951 truss bridge replaced this 1895 Spiral Bridge. 
Historical Photo from StarTribune
As we have come to expect, the arch span was built offsite and then barged to the location and raised using strand jacks.
The currently available Google Map image catches a stage of construction that clearly shows the gap where the main span will be installed.
3D Satellite
Photo by Fmiser 2012 Oct 11, License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike (CC BY-SA) from Bridge Hunter
New tied arch bridge going up.
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Note the railroad bridge in the background

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