Sunday, July 1, 2018

(UP+CSX+CTTH)/C&EI 26th Street Yard next to Chicago Heights

When I noticed that the yard was outside the boundary of Chicago Heights,
I highlighted the town that was next to it --- South Chicago Heights. By not allowing themselves to be annexed by either town, they probably reduced their property tax bill.

I found this yard when I tried to determine the destination of this train that was on the connector at Jay Tower and that was heading south.
John DeWit Woodlock II posted
EJE 657,654 @ Jay Tower-South Chicago Heights,IL 28 MAR 05.
When MoPac allowed L&N to have the eastern part of C&EI to satisfy the railroad regulators, this "main stem" between Dolton and Woodland Junction was shared by both. So now both UP and CSX share this "main stem." (North of Dolton, C&EI used C&WI to access Dearborn. CSX traded their share of the C&WI rights to UP in exchange for something else. But I can't remember what the "something else" was.)

I posted the question of who uses this yard now.
Aaron Grace I think both, but I believe it's run by the Chicago Heights Transfer Terminal Company.
John DeWit Woodlock II I was going to say the same thing Aaron said. If the CHTT is running it , then it is a UP operation.
Denis Johnston At one time it was filled with sparkly new freight cars from Thrall car. EJ&E would do daily transfers also.
David Brandes CSX doesn't use it, maybe to setout a bad order on a rare occasion. Doesn't get much use these days even by the UP. Mostly used for storage purposes now, maintenance equipment, yard center plugged etc. Those tracks used to extend north of 26st at one time and crews used to report to 26st....before my time 2001. During my time it was mainly used for interchange with the "J", pickup and setouts by both, now that doesn't happen anymore either. CHTT is all UP jobs and employees and they don't use this yard for much of anything either. They used to store excess Ford autopart cars here for the plant but that pool of cars is getting very small now.

John DeWit Woodlock II commented on my posting
Here is a different set of power with a different angle.

Joe Usselman posted
Old SD40's and SD45's were sold to scrap and were waiting out their fate in a small yard in South Chicago Heights in 2013.
[I'll bet the "small yard" was this one.]

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