Monday, July 16, 2018

CP+Amtrak/Milw 1981 Bridge over Mississippi River at Hastings, MN

(Bridge Hunter, John A. Weeks III3D Satellite)

This 1981 lift bridge replaced an 1891 Milwaukee swing bridge. The 1891 bridge replaced an 1871 swing bridge.  The Amtrak trains are the Empire Builder.

John A. Weeks III,

Flickr by Mark LLanuza
Northbound CP train crossing the former Milwaukee bridge at Hasting Minn .The Milwaukee Rd logo still in great shape since the bridge was built over 40 years ago

Dennis Kilbride posted
I believe Canadian Pacific RR owns and operate this lift bridge out of Hastings Minnesota over the Mississippi River. Barges by Federal law get priority over usage if a train or barge come up to the bridge at the same time. If a train is on the bridge when the barge calls for it they have 10 mins to get off or the Carrier/Owner of train pays 10k fine, so they tell the train crews.
Dennis commented on his posting

Dennis commented on his posting
Got a few pics this spring of trains in the approach.

Dennis commented on his posting
It costs money to remove the sign, so CP allows it to remain.
Marty Bernard posted, October 1985
On the northside of Hastings the Milwaukee Road crossed the Mississippi. [northbound train] Walt Dunlap photo.
Terry Kennedy-Lares posted five photos during the Flood of 2019 with the comment: "Flooding on the Mississippi near the lift bridge, Hastings, MN."




One of 23 photos posted by Deborah Holdgrafer after the flood waters went down some. Some of the photos show a lot of debris in the park, etc.
Dennis Kilbride posted a video of an Amtrak crossing the bridge.
"I have yet to see any barges using the bridge yet due to the flooding."

Dennis Kilbride commented on his post

Dennis Kilbride commented on his post

(new window) (sourceOn 7-15-2018 in Hastings Mn on the CP River sub we captured a CP local backing over the lift bridge to get into the clear at Hastings with the CP 2301 leading & CP 2222 trailing.(He stopped over the bridge momentarily to get the switch then proceeded to clear).

Screenshot @ 1:24

Belva Thompson posted two photos.

A Flickr Photo with the span raised for a tow.

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