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UP/C&NW Bridge over Fox River in Geneva, IL

(Bridge Hunter, Satellite)

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I played a lot with brightness and contrast, but I could not improve the visibility of the trail bridge built through the arches of the piers.
Here you can see where the river trail branches and goes across a trail bridge built inside the piers:

I had made a trip along the Fox River the previous week, but I made this additional trip because the area had over six more inches of rain. This view looking upstream (North) from the bridge shows how high the water is with respect to the Island Park and the IL-38 bridge.

You can see where parts of the original stone abutment wall was replaced with concrete and three concrete ribs were added to strengthen the old wall.

The above view looking north along the river shows that the city maintains a lawn along the riverside so one has clear views of the bridge. But downstream, there is a treeline between the trail and the river. I had trouble finding gaps in the treeline that allowed a view of the bridge.

In this view, I can't get a decent view of the bridge, but I can catch some of the water turbulence.

Google chose this bridge picture to represent the town when I searched for "Geneva, IL". Also of note is that someone took 360-degree views on the trail.

Kevin S. Hoover posted
Metra Union Pacific West line headed over the Fox River to the Geneva Station.
Kevin S. Hoover It came from a DJI Phantom 3.
Kevin S. Hoover John Dalman, I was in communication with DuPage Tower during this flight. I got approval for flight below 150 AGL. I also consulted FAA Regional safety director Mark Foise, unmanned aircraft specialist, (Great Lakes region). Thanks for your concern. I was also following the criteria of being within 400 feet of any structure. That pertains to the see and avoid rule. In addition, this flight was done well before the part 107 regulations we're in place.
Chris Roberts posted
Taken at the Fox River Bridge at Geneva IL on 5/15/2018.
Keith Pokorny posted
UP 6965 leads an Eastbound stack train over the Fox River in Geneva, IL. 5/15/2018
[Keith overexposed the sky so that he could get a good exposure of the bridge and train.]
Keith Pokorny posted
The Westbound Troy Grove train LPG-04 crosses over the Fox River in Geneva, IL. 5/15/2018
The fill of the arches in Keight's photos was about the same as when I took pictures, which was when the river was running high.

The above location is where I thought of taking a video of Big Boy when it crossed the Fox river. Fortunately, I got good enough video when it came to town that I passed getting a couple of seconds of video here. And Jacob Fischer took a better photo from this spot than I would have taken.
Jacob Fischer posted
Another photo from the vantage point I was thinking of. It seems that it was more crowded than I imagined.
Marvin Smith posted
Big boy crossing the Fox River In Geneva - my photo
Jack Anderson got a view from the bridge, which is another shot I was thinking about.
Jack Anderson posted
UP 4014 sets out on its long journey on the Geneva sub to Clinton IA crossing the fox river in Geneva IL. This was my first shot of it on my chase from Geneva to Sterling. Taken 7/30/19
Dennis DeBruler The smoke shows that the train was up to speed by the time it got here. That has to be some mighty fine shutter work to catch that framing.
One of nine photos posted by Don Dieckmann
Union Pacific "Big Boy" #4014 begins his journey home to Wyoming. Here crossing the Fox River in Geneva, IL, July 30, 2019.
Dennis DeBruler A couple of years ago I walked downstream of that bridge using the Fox River Trail looking for a break in the trees. I was defeated. Fortunately, you found a way to get past the trees.,-88.../data=!3m1!1e3

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A third rail is going to be added across the Fox River. This article mentions that the Chicago Protocol hours are 6-9 and 4-7.
Dennis DeBruler I found Peck Road, but it is parallel to and a couple blocks south of the railroad. So I can't figure out where in Geneva the third track will stop. Where is the overnight commuter storage yard for this line? It is interesting that the former Milwaukee line in Elgin and this line are getting another track over the Fox River next year.
Dennis DeBruler I have heard the rule about no freights between 6-9 and 4-7 called "the Chicago Protocol." BNSF does honor it. But once I was in Glen Ellyn between 5 and 6pm, and I saw two westbound freights along with six commuters during that hour --- a grain train and an intermodal+TOFC. Later (6:29) on my way home, I found the intermodal parked just west of I-355. As I was leaving on Glen Oak Road, Lombard, another westbound intermodal caught me by surprise at 6:38.
David Daruszka When the UP took over the C&NW the first thing they did was hold the AM Suburban rush so they could run freights. After they cleared the poop off the fan they found out that there were protocols for running freights in suburban territory. As long as they don't interfere with the trains I imagine they'll try to get away with whatever they can. I worked for both the C&NW and the WC and can attest to the "embargo" of freight trains during the rush hours.

I'm saving a satellite image since it is supposed to change.

A video of an eastbound coal train rolling along pretty fast. It has a DPU.
Soon as the Metras cleared, here comes the black gold. This bridge is scheduled to be triple tracked soon. 140-150 trains a day
Note this is one of the few reverse track operations in the US, leftover from C&NW days
Geneva, IL
Fox River
C&NW heritage

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