Saturday, December 15, 2018

MWRD: 95th Street Pumping Station

(3D Satellite)

MWRD posted
Historical photo of the week: Construction of the MWRD’s 95th Street Pumping station viewed to the east from atop a gas tank on Baltimore Ave just south of 95th Street in Chicago on June 5, 1924. The pumping station went into service in 1925.
Bob Lalich The blast furnaces in the background were Iroquois Iron's furnace plant south of 95th St. Iroquois built a bigger furnace plant at the mouth of the Calumet River around 1912 and once completed, abandoned the plant seen here.

Street View
Street View
Marcin Margler It looks new on the front because I was the project engineer with FH Paschen a while back. We put in a conveyor system to screed out the tampons, condoms, etc. Definitely a cool project to work on then and now.

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