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WNYP/NS/Pennsy 1930 Bridge over Allegheny River in Oil City, PA

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WNYP = Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad (leased from Norfolk Southern)

This bridge carried Pennsy's mainline between Pittsburgh and Buffalo. Most of that line has been abandoned, but one of the original two tracks that were on this bridge is still used by the WNYP.

Photo from HAER PA,61-OICI,2--2 from pa1273

July 1971. AERIAL RECONNAISSANCE II, ERIE RAILWAY SURVEY. - Pennsylvania Railroad, Allegheny River Bridge, River Street vicinity, Oil City, Venango County, PA

[It is Pennsy's roundhouse. Erie was on the other side of the river. My understanding of the comments on the following posting is that the modern building on this side of the old building was part of the shops building. The modern part was retained and repurposed as the Oil City Warehouse Mall.] 

Carl Venzke posted
Pennsylvania Railroad, Allegheny River Bridge, River Street vicinity, Oil City, Venango County, PA - photo by Jack Boucher c 1968
Rob Nichols Overheads show single tracked now with the line heading to the upper left now abandoned.
Rick Fleischer Just out of the picture, to the left, was the Pennsylvania Railroad's roundhouse at Oil City, Pa.
Joe Dunlap commented on Carl's posting
Still there.
[The satellite caught the river at a higher water level.]
George Ford Jr commented on Carl's posting
Francis Otterbein shared
Kim Hughes From what I've read Pittsburgh has the most bridges and Pennsylvania's right up there as a state. Beautiful picture thank you.
[Comments indicate that there used to be a double crossover when both tracks were intact. Someone wants to know how to model guard rails in a turnout on a bridge.]
Matt Marshall This side of oil city was the PRR, the Erie came up the other side of the river.
Thomas Jameson Hard fitting a railroad in those river valleys!

Dennis DeBruler commented on Francis' share
One advantage of roundhouses is that they leave a very distinctive land scar. Since railroads a reluctant to clean up their polluted ground, you can still see where many of the roundhouses stood.,-79.../data=!3m1!1e3
Matt Marshall The warehouse mall in the pic was part of the shops.

Chris Spear commented on Francis' share with a photo from RRPictureArchives of a steam engine coming off the bridge.

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