Sunday, June 8, 2014

Downers Grove Antennae Tower

I've been noticing a big microwave tower south of the CB&Q tracks between Washington Street and Maple Avenue, so I went there to find out who owns it. It turns out it is more of an antennae tower than a microwave tower because it has only 3 small microwave dishes but lots of vertical antennas. It is part of the Village Hall/Police Station/Public Works complex of buildings. So I assume most of the antennas have something to do with police car communications.

From the southwest towards the northeast:

 And from the south:

And I'm learning that, compared to film, digital pictures are free. So I'm now taking pictures of street signs to remind me where I took a picture. This is the sign that was across the street from where I took the above picture.

Update: on a later trip when I was walking along the north side of the CB&Q tracks, I got a view from the north.

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