Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Flour Local

Update: a comment by Joe indicated that this is the R CHI452 roadswitcher based out of Eola Yard.

I was near Rogers and Prospect in Downers Grove when I heard some train engines. So I walked down Prospect towards the tracks. A lot of the track in Downers has trees along the tracks so that you can't take pictures of trains when you are away from a station or a crossing. But along Warren Avenue there is a stretch with a clear view of the tracks. So I set the camera to low resolution because I planned to take a picture of each car if it was a mixed freight. I ended up with 4 pictures---an engine, two covered hopper cars, and another engine.

20140608 0182

I originally was going to include just small pictures. But I increased the size so that I could count the number of bays on the covered hopper cars and because the engines are not your every day road engines.

Even though it had plenty of power, it was moving slowly eastbound. Since the hoppers have 5 bays and since Pepperidge Farm's bakery plant was less than a mile down the road, I assume these cars are carrying flour to that plant. I was walking to take pictures of distribution power lines, so I did not have the van. If I did, I would have gone to Pepperidge Farm to confirm my assumption. They have an engine at each end of the train so that it easy to go westbound back to the Eola yard after switching the plant. Since I don't know how often Google updates the satellite images, I include a screen shot because there are flour cars in the siding when I looked at the map.

The engines were:

2119 GP38, ex-BN
1501 GP28M, ex-BN

I increased the brightness of 2119 to bring out the details of the trucks and the venting. I notice that 2119 has a Heritage 1 paint scheme. And that the 1501 has a Heritage 4 paint scheme. I normally don't see the black stripe along the bottom.

Update: This local continues to be a good source for "fallen flags." Michael Matalis caught the following on Jan 12, 2014.

BNSF 512 (ATSF red bonnet) Dash 8-40BW, ex-ATSF 512
BNSF 3019 (Cascade green) GP40-2R, ex-BN 3520, ex-BN GP40 3034, ex-CBQ 634

Photo by Michael Matalis
Photo by Michael Matalis
Note the red panel with the yellow outline in the wrong place. MP36er explained:
That's the air conditioner. They get swapped out occasionally, hence why they are often different colors or shades.

BNSF assigned the Warbonnets to the same number range that they had on the Santa Fe, so only the BNSF has to be patched. For the BN engine, they had to patch the number as well as the reporting mark.

Photo by Michael Matalis

On Feb. 3, 2015, Mike caught the local using four engines to pull 2 cars! The info from his blog is:

Downers Grove IL / Main St
BNSF e/b road freight

BNSF 26666 GP39-3R, ex-BNSF GP35 2608, ex-ATSF 2908, ex-ATSF 3408, ex-ATSF 1408
Two cars
BNSF 3019 GP40-2R (Cascade green), ex-BN 3520, ex-BN GP40 3034, ex-CBQ 634
BNSF 2902 GP39-2R, ex-BN 2902, ex-BN GP35 2522, ex-GN 3039
BNSF 2321 GP38-2, ex-BN 2321, ex-SLSF 466

Photo by Michael Matalis

Marty Bernard posted a 1968 photo of a GP7 in Chinese Red serving Pepperidge Farm. His comment indicated it was the "East-End Way Freight." This is a reminder that back then Clyde Yard (Cicero) was a freight car yard with a hump and Naperville had quite a few line-side industries. Today Clyde Yard is an intermodal yard and freight cars are handled at Eola Yard. (Clyde still handles engine servicing.)

Marty Bernard posted a 1965 photo showing a GP7 handling quite a few freight cars.

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  1. Yep, that would be the R CHI452 roadswitcher based out of Eola Yard. They split the engines (one at each end of the train) so that they do not have to "run around" the train once they are done switching at Pepperidge Farm. By splitting the engines, they can head straight back to Eola without a time-consuming move to put the engines on the west end of the cars.