Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hinsdale Oak Street Bridge

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I walked to the west end of the platform and waited for the train that was coming so I caught a picture with a train under and van on top.

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And after the train went through, I was able to use the pedestrian crossing... take a picture from the middle of the tracks of the east elevation.

The Hinsdale newspaper had an article about the new design.

I think it is interesting that the village is worried about how to make the crossing as painful as it used to be with the one lane so that more people won't use the new bridge. It sounds like they should have just repaired the old steel girder bridge.

Since it has just one lane, there are traffic lights at each end of the bridge to control which direction can use it. My first crossing was south to north, and I joined a line of a few cars waiting to cross.

When it was our turn, I set the lens to wide angle so I could snap a picture without looking and then crop it later. They plan to replace the bridge so they closed the pedestrian crossing rather than repair it. The steep approaches are more old fashioned than...

...the steel girder construction. I didn't crop the following picture because it came out rather nicely framed considering I was just holding up the camera and clicking.

I'll include just one north-to-south picture because they are rather redundant.

Update: Mike indicates in his "A high time at Highlands" posting in June 2010 that the bridge's deck is reputed to be an old turntable. That would explain why steel girders were used. Scroll down in his blog for a nice elevation shot of the bridge and some closeups. The pedestrian crossing was still open when he visited.

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