Friday, June 6, 2014

Power Lines Go North and East

After tracing the north-south corridor from the ComEd Lisle substation south to the Will County power plant, I was curious about where does it go north past Hidden Lake? In particular, does it connect with the Zion Nuclear plant. (It does. However, that plant was shutdown February 13, 1998.) So I did some more analysis of the satellite map. When it crosses forest preserves, industrial parks, or expressways, I sometimes would have to zoom in all of the way and follow the path tower by tower.

The next substation north is in Great Western Trail south of  North Avenue (State Road 64).

This is a much bigger yard.

And the corridor going north from this yard is four towers wide.

Two of the towers continue north and east to the Itasca substation just south of E. Thorndale Ave (red line). The other two towers go east just north of North Ave (blue line).

The  "east branch" continues to the west side of I-294. It passes through two industrial parks and each has a little substation that "taps" power for the local industries, the red letters A and B. It then terminates at Country Line Rd.

The "red line" continues north to the Des Plaines substation.

From the Des Plaines substation, one link goes generally east to a  Glenview substation.

I had trouble figuring out how this line left the Des Plaines substation because the towers were in a parking lot. It contiues east to a Skokie substation.

There is a corridor leaving north from the Skokie substation, but I'm going to leave that for another day because there is a corridor going north from Des Plaines substation so I want to go back and follow the original "red line" some more. It goes north to a Wheeling substation.

There is a branch from the Wheeling substation to the west, but I continue north to a little "tap" substation north of Wheeling Road.

Continuing north, we pass an even smaller tap substation south of Deerfield Parkway and then go northwest to the Buffalo Grove substation.

 And then north to Brookhill Road substation.

It works its way north and a little to the east to a branching point.


From that branching point, the red line goes north until it turns east past a small substation to the Zion Nuclear Power Station. The blue line goes east until it turns south to the Waukegan Generating Station.

Another lines goes west from the Waukegan Generating Station to another branching point (yellow dot).

From the branching point, a line goes south to a North Chicago substation. The line continues south of that substation, but I need to do some other essays. And from the branching point, a line goes west across the north-south corridor I had traced above (red line). I missed it the first time because the lines cross in a forest preserve.

The line going west crosses the south-east corner of Gurnee Mills and goes south a little bit and then goes west further than I'm willing to trace it.

I was working on a map that included all of the areas covered by the above maps, but I lost it when I switched from laptop, to desktop, to external USB drive. It will probably be a while before I sych up to work on that again.

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