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Chicago & Eastern Illinois (C&EI) Freight Houses

1964 Dearborn

Bill Molony posted
Chicago & Eastern Illinois EMD FP7 #1607, assisted by an EMD E7A, easing out of Dearborn Station with a southbound train on a bright sunny morning.
[ Note the "RAILROAD FOR GOOD SERVICE C&EI" sign on the left side of the photo. That is the C&EI Outbound Freight House.]
Randy James Notice the nc&stl baggage car, I believe this is the Dixie flyer, that was jointly operated by c&ei, l&n, nc&stl , from Chicago to Atlanta Georgia.
Robert Gibson Jr. The Dixie Flyer left at 10:30PM. The Dixieland left at 9:10AM.
Bob Lalich I can give a range on the date of the photo. The switchtender job and manual switches in the throat were eliminated in 1964. The mail/express platform behind the Erie boxcars was built around 1950.
Robert Gibson Jr. By 1958 all of the C&EI southbound trains left at night.
Tom Skowronski Probably very early '50's. The (I think) beautiful orange/blue scheme disappeared quickly. Great photo, Bill. LOVE your C&WI book!
Robert Gibson Jr. This is probably train No. 1 a local that left Chicago at 9:00 AM terminating in Evansville, Indiana at 2:35 PM. The photo shows an Railway Post Office car behind the baggage car.

Bill Molony posted
Grand Trunk Western class U-3-c 4-8-4 Northern-type #6332 getting ready to depart from Dearborn Station in Chicago on a sunny morning in the 1950's with train #20, The Maple Leaf, bound for Port Huron, Michigan and Toronto, Canada.
[This correction comes from a share: Curt Danielewicz Group Admin U3b. GTW 4-8-4’s were U3a (sent packing to CN when the U3b were delivered), U3b and the streamlined U4b classes.
My interest in this photo is that beyond the tracks it provides a nice overview of the C&EI Outbound Freight House.]

David Daruszka shared
Classic Streamliners posted
Ray Weart The renumbering of the ATSF FP45's had nothing to do with Amtrak. They had a big system renumbering of most of their motive power at that time. In the 1990's they got renumbered again.
[Note the C&EI Outbound Freight House on the left. The Railway Express building and the mail platform is in the middle.]
Marke Llanuza posted
Its 1975 the Orland Park commuter train coming into Dearborn Polk station.
[CE&I Inbound Freight House on the right with the Erie freight house peaking out behind it.]

The Blackhawk Railway Historical Society posted
Chicago & Western Indiana Railroad Alco RS-1 #258.
Bob Lalich Shorts???
David Daruszka I guess things ran a little looser back then, or he's the guy they wrote the rule for. Someone once told me that every rule in the rule book had some idiot behind it doing something stupid.

Raymond Barr What intrigues me is the brick building that seems to go on forever with dock doors and the green grass area in front of it. The grass area is wide enough to have held at least two tracks. Can you imagine back in the forty foot boxcar days what a scene this would have been with the cars parked door to door and the crowd of workers rushing about to unload or load freight?
Sam Bergus ...and the piles of standard sized pallets adjacent to that showing why that method of loading/unloading isn't being used anymore at the time of this photo.
Alfred Fickensher Can we imagine any guesses about the arch-top loading(?) doorways alternating pattern?
Raymond Barr My guess would be that in pre-fork lift days the arch-top doors were used by two & four wheel hand carts. When fork lifts came along, the large doors were installed. You can see some disturbed brickwork above some of them.

Craig Sanders That looks like the lead into La Salle Street station based on my feeble memory. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Dennis DeBruler Since it is a C&WI switcher, it should be on the lead to Dearborn Station. I've determined the freight house is C&EI Inbound. That confirms the Dearborn Station lead.

Dennis DeBruler commented on the BRHS post
To identify the freight house, I noticed that the design is unusual in that it has the office part above the freight handling part. Normally, the office part is a two story building at one end of the freight handling part. This design made the two story part of the freight house unusually long. In this overview of the South Side, it was easy to identify two candidates south of Roosevelt. I doubled the size of the image and cropped the area of interest.

Dennis DeBruler commented on the BRHS post
This map reminds me that the freight house on the east side of the leads burned by the time of this photo. So that makes it C&EI Inbound.
Dennis DeBruler Mark's photo confirms the building because of the Erie freight house to the south.
Dennis DeBruler A photo by Mark a year later, 1976, shows the freight house has been torn down.

Mike Breski posted


At 9:52 on the morning of June 2, 1953, Grand Trunk Western U-4 No. 6410 accelerates the Toronto-bound Maple Leaf away from Dearborn Station, Chicago.
R. R. Malinoski photo

Dennis DeBruler We recently saw the northeast part of the C&EI Inbound Freight House in the background of a photo taken from Roosevelt Road.
This photo gives us a view of the southeast part of the freight house.
Lance Erickson This train connected with the Lehigh Valley Maple Leaf And had direct service to NY with through cars at one time. It became hopeless after Mail was put on trucks.

Mark Llanuza posted
Orland Park commuter train coming into Dearborn station 1976.
[But a year later the C&EI freight house was gone, and we can now see all of the Erie freight house.]

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