Thursday, May 10, 2018

Chicago & Eastern Illinois Freight Houses

1964 Dearborn

Bill Molony posted
Chicago & Eastern Illinois EMD FP7 #1607, assisted by an EMD E7A, easing out of Dearborn Station with a southbound train on a bright sunny morning.
[ Note the "RAILROAD FOR GOOD SERVICE C&EI" sign on the left side of the photo. That is the C&EI Outbound Freight House.]
Randy James Notice the nc&stl baggage car, I believe this is the Dixie flyer, that was jointly operated by c&ei, l&n, nc&stl , from Chicago to Atlanta Georgia.
Robert Gibson Jr. The Dixie Flyer left at 10:30PM. The Dixieland left at 9:10AM.
Bob Lalich I can give a range on the date of the photo. The switchtender job and manual switches in the throat were eliminated in 1964. The mail/express platform behind the Erie boxcars was built around 1950.
Robert Gibson Jr. By 1958 all of the C&EI southbound trains left at night.
Tom Skowronski Probably very early '50's. The (I think) beautiful orange/blue scheme disappeared quickly. Great photo, Bill. LOVE your C&WI book!
Robert Gibson Jr. This is probably train No. 1 a local that left Chicago at 9:00 AM terminating in Evansville, Indiana at 2:35 PM. The photo shows an Railway Post Office car behind the baggage car.

Bill Molony posted
Grand Trunk Western class U-3-c 4-8-4 Northern-type #6332 getting ready to depart from Dearborn Station in Chicago on a sunny morning in the 1950's with train #20, The Maple Leaf, bound for Port Huron, Michigan and Toronto, Canada.
[This correction comes from a share: Curt Danielewicz Group Admin U3b. GTW 4-8-4’s were U3a (sent packing to CN when the U3b were delivered), U3b and the streamlined U4b classes.
My interest in this photo is that beyond the tracks it provides a nice overview of the C&EI Outbound Freight House.]

David Daruszka shared
Classic Streamliners posted
Ray Weart The renumbering of the ATSF FP45's had nothing to do with Amtrak. They had a big system renumbering of most of their motive power at that time. In the 1990's they got renumbered again.
[Note the C&EI Outbound Freight House on the left. The Railway Express building and the mail platform is in the middle.]
Marke Llanuza posted
Its 1975 the Orland Park commuter train coming into Dearborn Polk station.
[CE&I Inbound Freight House on the right with the Erie freight house peaking out behind it.]
Mark Llanuza posted
Orland Park commuter train coming into Dearborn station 1976.
[But a year later it was gone, and we can now see all of the Erie freight house.]

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