Wednesday, October 5, 2016

C&NW Bridge over Rock River in Rockford, IL

(Bridge Hunter, Bridge Hunter (Old), 3D Satellite)

Since this bridge is just upstream of the dam, it is the UP/C&NW bridge. There are more pictures of this bridge in the dam posting.

Brian Keith Landis posted, cropped
Brian has coauthored two books concerning Rockford railroading.
Rockford's first Railroad Bridge to cross the Rock River . was first built out of wood then later on steel . Brian Landis Photo.
This "new" bridge was built in 1896. According to the caption for this picture in Bridge Hunter, the 1854 bridge was a wooden arch bridge. Photography was invented before 1896 so I hope there is a picture of that bridge. A wooden arch bridge would be interesting to see.

Update: Now I understand: the 1854 bridge was a truss reinforced with an arch.

Brian Keith Landis posted
Rockford's first Galena Chicago and Union Railroad Bridge being built across the Rock River. The little Locomotive on the bridge is the Pioneer pulled first train into Rockford in 1852. I don't under stand what the person who took this picture was standing on.
Brian Keith Landis posted
Under the Chicago Northwestern Railroad Bridge in Rockford IL. Now owned by the U.P. R.R.
Dennis Curless The steam pipe that sent steam from the CIE&G power to the downtown buildings that used steam for heat is intact.

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