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IC's Chicago Roundhouses

Jack Delano Photo posted on Facebook
[Photo from LC-DIG-fsa-8d23260 from LoC Search Result]
Kenneth McIntyre quoted the caption for this Nov. 1942 photo as "Track crews repairing tracks in the roundhouse at the Illinois Central rail yard, Chicago." But this raises a couple questions. How many roundhouses did IC have in Chicago? And which one is this?

These notes used to be all of the information I could find on IC roundhouses. I have now moved the photos, maps, etc. that were in these notes to the yard notes per the table below.

Since IC had 360-degree roundhouses in both the 27th Street Yard and the Woodcrest Shop, I could not determine which roundhouse this photo came from. Then I remembered that Jack would take several photos when he visited a railroad location. Below the map is the result of searching his photos for  "IC Chicago Roundhouse." In the resulting gallery of 20 photos, the middle thumbnail in the third row is of the coaling tower in Woodcrest. So I conclude that this photo was taken in Woodcrest.

Listing the yards from North to South.
Weldon Shops
(18th Street Yard)
Shops replaced by Burnside.
Roundhouse replaced by 27th Street.
1+1227th Street Yard
2/3 then 1/3 HHawthorn YardHalf of the two-thirds roundhouse was torn down by 1938.
0FFordham YardLocomotives were serviced at Burnside.
1+2/3BBurnside ShopsRoundhouses replaced by Markham. Torn down by 1938.
Shops replaced by Paducah, KY.
1/8+1/8XWildwood YardI used X because W was used for Weldon.
I'm guessing based on the foundations I saw in the 1938 aerial.
1MMarkham YardWoodcrest was the name of the engine servicing facility.
The existing turntable is not the one that was used by the roundhouse.
(Congress Street, Coach, Crawford, Chicago Produce Terminal and IMX Yards did not have roundhouses. 18th Street and 14th Street Yards seems to be redundant with Coach Yards and Weldon Shops. When I rewrite what is becoming an IC "index," I also need to also consider the Lakefront Notes and the freight houses along the Chicago River. Such joy because I will have to rewrite some of the notes as well as this index. It is going to take a case of beer to fix all of that.)
1953 Chicago Quadrangle @ 1:250,000

LoC Search Result

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