Saturday, January 6, 2018

IC 18th Street Coach Yard

(3D Satellite)

David Daruszka posted
The 18th Street MU shop, with Soldier Field in the right and the Field Museum above it. All the land to the east of the tracks was created by landfill. This was NOT made with landfill from the Chicago fire. Much of the fill came from various construction projects including the new Union station and the straightening of the Chicago River. The Chicago Freight Tunnel ran to the lakefront as well, so the fill included debris from the various coal fired boilers in downtown office buildings.
Dennis DeBrulerGroup Admin MU means Multiple Unit? So this would be the electrified cars or suburban service yard?
David responded to my question
Yes. The shops were built when the line was electrified. Daily maintenance and inspections are still performed there. Heavy servicing was done at Burnside and later Woodcrest at Harvey yards. Metra built a new facility at KYD (Kensington YarD) at the junction of the Blue Island line.
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
Looking north from Grant Park, 1948, Chicago. Andreas Feininger 
Mike Breski shared
David Charles Linberg posted
South Shore running through the ICG yards In March of 1978.

Marty Bernard posted
6. ICG GP8 7714 comming off the east end of the St. Charles Airline, Chicago, IL in March 1976. from Rick Burn's Camera.
[The ballast still being nice and white is a reminder that the southern connection of the St. Charles Air Line was added as intercity passenger train traffic was dying.]

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