Sunday, January 14, 2018

Railbanked/Erie Double-Lattice Bridge over Tippecanoe River

(Bridge Hunter, no Historic Bridges, Satellite) Sources talk about it being at Monterey, IN, but it is closer to Ora.

Future prospects
Rail line was abandoned in 2004-2005, and line was Railbanked for future reactivation and or use by utilities. Trail groups would like to build greenway to connect area with North Judson and Rochester along former Erie Railroad Right of Way.
[Bridge Hunter]

Mark Llanuza posted
This excellent shot taken by Photographer Mike Schafer of eastbound at Monterey Ind 1976 .Gary Clark and i went back last year to line it all back again sad but no trains this day.
Mark Llanuza posted again
Its March 1976 [photographer Mike Schafer captured this eastbound at Monterey Ind .Gary Clark and i went back in 2017 to line everything back up again .The bridge is still here with deep weeds tall trees of the once busy main line of the Erie Lackawanna railroad.
That is the strongest truss members I have seen in a lattice truss. Normally lattice trusses are dainty things because by the time bridges were built this strong, the design was considered obsolete.

Photo by James Norwood from Bridge Hunter
Notice how the South side of pier is concrete and North side is cut limestone block. This was from when the track was originally single track and second track was put in along with upgrade to pier and new truss bridges in the 1911-1916 era.

Jon Melnik posted
You can see the original limestone pier, with the concrete added later

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