Friday, April 1, 2016

Jay Tower: CN/EJ&E vs. UP+CSX/C&EI in Chicago Heights

Jon Romo posted

Flickr has an April 22, 2007 picture posted by Sayre Kos that includes the tower in the southwest quadrant. The EJ&E east/west route is now owned by CN. The C&WI north/south route is now used by UP+CSX+INRD.

Judging from the land scars in the satellite image, there used to be connections in all of the quadrants except the northeast. But looking at a 1938 photo, the only connection was in the tower's quadrant. Buildings had to be torn down to make the southeast quadrant connection that we see today.
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
David M Laz posted
[This is the same photo that is in CRJ.]
Bill Molony posted
The EJ&E - C&EI interlocking tower at Chicago Heights, Illinois - June 6, 1981.
Bill Molony posted again
Donny Albertson posted
Ever take a shot and have the sun peek out at just the right time? Well this wasn't one of those times, and it's my only EJ&E shot too. A pair of SD38-2's cross the MP at Chicago Heights IL at Jay tower on 26MAR1990.
Mark Llanuza posted
Its 1988 at Chicago Hts tower.
Mark Llanuza posted again
Zaky Joseph When the tracks, locomotives and tower were all the "J".

See Railroad Hub for a couple of contemporary trains going through Jay Junction.

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