Wednesday, August 8, 2018

CSX/Rock Island Swing Bridge over the I&M Canal

(3D Satellite)

I can't believe I drove right past this bridge when I went to the Hollywood Casino to get photos of Sam M. Fleming's tow.

Sydney Lane posted three photos with the comment:
South of Joliet, Illinois just off Rt6 at the Johns Manville plant is this turn bridge that crosses the historic and now abandoned I & M canal. Though functional in the era of mule towed barges, it sets welded in place. It is still used today as an industrial spur line. It was Elgin Joliet and Eastern in my memory but I think it may be Canadian Northern now.The historic Illinois and Michigan canal linking Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River closed around 1930 when the current I&M opened to much larger barge traffic.
Dennis DeBruler The industrial lead goes north to what was the Rock Island. This part of the Rock Island route is now controlled by CSX.


Sydney must have caught after some heavy rains. This satellite image is probably or more normal flow in the canal.

3D satellite

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