Monday, August 13, 2018

Thousand Islands Bridges over the St. Lawrence River

(Bridge Hunter, American Historic Bridges, Canadian Historic Bridges, American Satellite, Canadian Satellite)

In the following photo, both the boat and bridge are historic.
One of five photos posted by Doug Tulloch
Rare. Pilot house in the bow.
Patrick Simpson JOHN D Leicth built 1967

Dennis DeBruler Both the bridge and boat are historic. Too bad the bridge might soon be torn down:

Dennis DeBruler Bridge Hunter has the comment: "A report produced for the owner recommends South Channel bridge replacement in 2016-2018 and historic bridge demolition in 2019." Since I see no sign of construction in your photos, it seems the plans have been delayed.
The St. Lawrence Seaway channel goes below the American Bridge. The bridge was built in 1938. It was rehabilitated in 1986 and 2000, but the current plans are to replace it. The future of the Canadian Bridge remains uncertain.

Doug Kerr, July 2004 from Bridge Hunter comment
Please read Historic Bridges for why this bridge has cable stays and metal bars in addition to the normal suspension cables.

Cyril Waugh posted three photos.


The Canadian Bridge has arch and truss spans as well as a suspension span. I didn't notice the arch span in Avocado's photo until I came across Marge's photo.

Photo by Avocado Hammer, Oct 2016
Photo by Marge Simpson, July 2018
The American Bridge has long approaches to achieve the needed Seaway clearance.

Photo by J Ye, July 2005

U.S./CANADA International BridgeFeasibility Study. Figure 9

U.S./CANADA International BridgeFeasibility Study. Figure 10
Four contruction photos from the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority Photo Gallery. The first three are of the American Bridge and the fourth one is of the Canadian Bridge.


[Note the cable anchorage at the base of the first pier and the steel falsework for the girder erection.]


Rodney Olson posted
Looking east from the top of the 1000 Island Bridge.

1000 Islands River Rats Now and Then updated

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