Wednesday, February 13, 2019

BNSF/GN Trestle over Teton River near Collins, MT

(Bridge Hunter; a photo with a train on itSatellite)

Andrew Tuttle posted two photos:

As with most steel tower trestles, the span across the tower is shorter than the span between towers. But this trestle is unusual because the depth of the girders for the short spans are as deep as those for the long spans.

1902 eBook1, p267
Photo from Railroads of Montana
   Collins, Montana - Wooden Trestle Over Teton River 1900's
[You can see 150' Howe truss on the left side of this image.]
eBook2, p256

Great Northern got a lot of practice building trestles. Here is another one over the Kettle River near Sandstone, MN.

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