Friday, February 8, 2019

IR/BN/CB&Q Bridge over Fox River at Sheridan, IL

(Bridge Hunter; no Historic Bridges; Street View  caught bad lighting; Satellite)

IR = Illinois Railways/Illinois Railnet

Charles Heraver posted
Sheridan, IL 7-16-12. The Illinois Railway's Ottawa - Eola train is crossing the Fox River. THe SD50s look nice, but EMD's 50 series was pretty much junk when new.
Chris Paciocco Nice Tunnel Motor sandwiched in the middle.
Kevin Vahey They were still complete junk this many years later. I hated running those things.
Ben Teeters I didn’t mind em, as long as I had a set of black engines to go with.
Kevin Vahey Ben yeah cus the 45s would do all the work!
[Note the short sand cars. Sand for fraking is what provided the revenue to rebuild this route.]
It is obvious that one of the trusses of this bridge was replaced with steel bents and girders. So I dug deeper. "Bridge once had two truss spans. A Whipple Deck Truss and a Pratt Deck Truss. The whipple was replaced with I-Beam Spans." [Bridge Hunter]

A Roger Puta Photo
Three of the photos posted by Marty Bernard.
1. CB&Q 4960 at Sheridan, IL on July 21, 1965 crossing the Fox River. Roger Patelski photo

2. CB&Q 4960 at Sheridan, IL in July 1963 crossing the Fox River. Roger Patelski photo

3. CB&Q 4960 at Sheridan, IL in October 1965 crossing the Fox River. Roger Patelski photo

They have not only kept the Pratt truss, they still have wooden approach trestles on the east side.

Steve Conro from Bridge Hunter
Chris Guss uploaded by Steve Conro from Bridge Hunter
Very interesting night shot
[I could not find "Chris Normantown Guss" in the "Select Photographer..." menu, so I can't find the link to this photo. I wonder what Chris used for lights.]
Don Crimmin posted
Oakway painted SD60 9041 spent some time on the IR about five years ago. Here it leads a heavily-powered westbound over the Fox River Bridge at Sheridan, IL 3-10-14. It sure added some color and variety to the roster.

Gilbert Sebenste posted
Over the river and through the woods, to the sand plant we go! Led by BCOL 4605, the IR westound sand train on 6/29/19 heads across the Fox River at Sheridan in the blue light.

Jason Leverton Flickr 2012 Photo has four locomotives, three paint schemes and a former SP tunnel motor. It is probably pulling a "sand train." It is well worth clicking the link.

DNE 31 Flickr

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