Friday, February 8, 2019

IR/BN/CB&Q Bridge over Fox River at Sheridan, IL

(Bridge Hunter; no Historic Bridges; Street View  caught bad lighting; Satellite)

IR = Illinois Railways/Illinois Railnet

DNE 31 Flickr
It is obvious that one of the trusses of this bridge was replaced with steel bents and girders. So I dug deeper. "Bridge once had two truss spans. A Whipple Deck Truss and a Pratt Deck Truss. The whipple was replaced with I-Beam Spans." [Bridge Hunter]

A Roger Puta Photo
They have not only kept the Pratt truss, they still have wooden approach trestles on the east side.

Steve Conro from Bridge Hunter
Chris Guss uploaded by Steve Conro from Bridge Hunter
Very interesting night shot
[I could not find "Chris Normantown Guss" in the "Select Photographer..." menu, so I can't find the link to this photo. I wonder what Chris used for lights.]
Jason Leverton Flickr 2012 Photo has four locomotives, three paint schemes and a former SP tunnel motor. It is probably pulling a "sand train." It is well worth clicking the link.

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