Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Commuter/NYC Bridges over Harlem River in New York City

1867 Bridge: (Bridge Hunter, drawbridge)
1896 Bridge: (Bridge Hunter, 4-track swing bridge) (The only other 4-track swing bridge I have seen is still in Conneaut, OH.)
1954 Bridge: (Bridge Hunter, twin 2-track lift; 3D Satellite)

This is on the train route that leads to Grand Central Station.

1867 Drawbridge

Since there is no counterweight, this is not a bascule bridge. It is an old fashion drawbridge like the ones that used to be used over the moat of a castle. The steam engine had to be strong enough to lift the full weight of the bridge.
December 1892 Scientific American.

Opening of the Harlem Ship Canal Source NYPL

1896 4-track Swing Bridge

Francis Otterbein posted
Manhattan Harlem Railroad Bridge at Park Avenue, undated.
[We can tell by the smoke coming out of the smokestack on the left side of the bridge that it was still steam driven when this photo was taken.]
1896 Bridge Hunter
eBook, p246
[The men repairing a pin connection in 1916-17 provide scale for the size of the steel beams. The bridge carried "some 700 train or engine movements per day."]

1954 Lift Bridge

Photo taken by Pi.1415926535, License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike (CC BY-SA), from 1954 Bridge Hunter
Comment by Peter Metrinko on Francis' post
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