Sunday, August 13, 2017

BNSF/CB&Q Eola Yard and Tower

(Satellite) I was going to add my pictures. But I have so many, during various stages of construction, that I have decided I will make a later posting with them. The important thing for yards and towers is the satellite location.

Mike Wyatt posted
Eola yard looking east, 1990. Brad Schultz photo.
William Bauer I liked it when the yard office was in the middle of the yard. It was a better setup for the crews

Evan Walker posted
Jim Shaw Looks like Eola yard looking west from the Eola Road bridge.

Mike Breski posted
CB&Q E8A #9952 leads the NP North Coast Limited WB at CB&Q Eola Int Tower, in Eola, IL in 1956.
Photo by James E. Humbert.
Doug Plummer The eola tower was down near eola road you can see the EJ andE bridge off to the east past the signal bridge.
Mike Spencer Anybody have better photos of Eola Tower? I'm very curious about the bracket post semaphore.
Lawrence Smith I agree. never saw a bracket post like that on CB+Q - looks like a NYC signal.
Mike Spencer The signal itself is distinctly Q - it's a lower quad with likely a Federal mechanism. The bracket post is likely a catalog-standard item, albeit from the early 1900's or 1910's.
Brandon Otterstrom Mike Spencer this semaphore signals were train order signal for eastbound trains.

Marty catches a Zephyr flying through the yard in 1964.

Satellite before the yard lead extension construction. Unlike most railyards in the 21st Century, this yard is being expanded because it now handles carload traffic for the Chicago area since their old freight yard, Clyde, has been converted to an intermodal yard. Clyde does still do engine servicing.

A closeup of the roundhouse scar.

John Smith posted five pictures of the turntable.

John Smith posted 30 pictures from 2006, many of the turntable.

2017 3D Satellite showing a Santa Fe Warbonet, this is strange because I have never seen it on the Racetrack, but I have seen a locomotive still in Cascade Green.

Chuck Guzik caught and describes five trains that are facing west in Eola. (The Metra is going east, but the engine is facing west because it is pushing the train.)

Steven J. Brown posted
My neighbor just got a scanner and came over for a brief scanning demo so YOU get a random BN image!

GATX SD38-2 1241 (built 1978 as Reserve Mining 1241, became Iowa Interstate 151) looking through the long gone turntable at Burlington Northern's yard in Eola, Illinois - January 1, 1991

Doug Andreasen Cool pic. Not sure I'd say "long gone" as it was removed in 2007. It was a neat feature of that yard for a long time though.
[I added some location information.]

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